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Storing All My Digital Memories With WD Passport SSD

This is a sponsored post by WD Passport SSD




The device is so small you could easily mistake it for a cigarette lighter. Yet, it can actually hold many lifetimes’ worth of photos, manuscripts, classified documents, and other electronic files that you may need to keep close at hand. The Passport SSD is a portable storage device with built-in encryption, password protection, highly coveted security software, and three model options for any amount of storage support needed.


I can see this being an asset as a virtual portfolio, especially for artists and photographers who have extensive catalogs of work. Plus, artists who work in atypical settings might also rely on the Passport SSD for some of the most reliable data backup and storage capabilities available remotely. Without the hassle of having to summon up another virtual storage mode with a mobile phone or tablet, this storage is literally as close as the back pocket. That’s perfect for a photographer whose subject is wild creatures in natural habitats or even high-speed sports action, you know that certain moments in time can never be replicated or recreated. If the digital evidence of the occurrence disappears, it’s almost as if the moment didn’t happen. That’s why Passport SSD can be integral in ensuring remarkable pieces of documentation are not lost to those who would appreciate them.



The sleek design of the Passport SSD is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Much in the same way you’d like your actual paper passport for travel to be sturdy, so too is the Passport SSD. The Passport can take quite a beating claims its manufacturer Western Digital (WD). In fact, it should still be operational after being dropped up to 6.5 feet!



Ok, so if you want to keep your high tech data safe and attempt rogueish, death-defying feats at the same time (think Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Jason Bourne, etc.), this is definitely the digital storage device for you! In all seriousness though, WD makes their products, including the Passport SDD, so sturdy because they promise reliability for every facet of your experience with their goods and services.

Try Passport SSD today and marvel at the rapid data transfer and guaranteed access to thousands of files whenever, wherever.  It’s the personal mobile data security and storage device that’s user friendly, reliable, and most importantly, ready the moment you are.

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