Travel Hack: 5 Tips for Sleeping Well in a Tent

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Out on a camping trip? Sleeping in a tent may sound like an uncomfortable experience, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re well-equipped. Check out the following tips to ensure you get a good night’s sleep in a tent.



  • Choose the right bedding


Choosing the right bedding for your tent makes it easier for you to sleep. It keeps you from feeling the hard ground, and overall makes your camping experience more comfortable. There are a lot of options to choose from in getting tent bedding. But generally you want something that’s compact and easy to carry. Try an inflatable mattress so you can adjust the firmness. You can also try foam or rubber mats for more solid bedding.



  • Warm up your sleeping bag


If you’re considering a sleeping bag, make sure that it fits you and suits the environment. If the night gets too chilly, warming up your sleeping bag is important. Note that sleeping bags aren’t made warm, instead they take heat from your body and hold it with its insulation to keep you warm. If you’re not warm enough when you get in, you may still feel cold through the night. Try to get warm before going to bed, drink something warm or do some exercises to expel some heat. Then slip in your bag and let science do the work.



  • Pitch your tent on the right location


Choose a level ground to pitch your tent on. You don’t want to sleep in an uneven surface where you keep sliding to one side of the tent. Keep away from surfaces that have a lot of obstacles like rocks, twigs, and roots. Use a tarpaulin as a footprint to avoid the base of your tent from getting wet. Also, arrange your things properly inside the tent so that it doesn’t slide off.



  • Keep your area dry and clean


Always keep the premises of your tent clean and dry to avoid unwanted visitors from knocking on your tent (you know, bears, wolves, or harmful insects). Clean after yourself and make sure all trash is collected and disposed properly. Keep food and scented toiletries out of the tent and make sure they are properly secured. Avoid smelling like food before going in your tent to sleep. Wear dry clothing and avoid sleeping damp.



  • Pack some sleeping extras


Sleeping in a different environment takes some adjustment. Packing some sleeping extras with you to help you doze off easier is a good idea. Pillows, eye mask, ear plugs, and neck rolls are all small and handy things that could help you sleep better in an unfamiliar setting.


Wherever you are, remember to always enjoy the moment. Avoid complaining about the hassles of camping and focus on nature and the outdoors. Forget about the conveniences of city living for a while. Immerse yourself in the unique experience that camping offers. Being close to nature and being surrounded by fresh air is definitely a refreshing and fruitful vacation.

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