Vacation In Colorado Springs For an Experience of a Lifetime

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Vacations are meant to allow a person time to let go of daily stressors, relax, and self-adjust when the daily grind starts to seem too overwhelming or monotonous. On these much-needed hiatuses, however, they pan out, vacationers usually seem to take one of two approaches to enjoy restful personal time. There’s the “vegetate and do as little as possible in paradise” approach and then there’s the “vacation warrior” approach, which means packing in as many sights and activities as possible in a given amount of time off from work, school, etc.  Of course, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a vacation. Perhaps you fall somewhere on a sliding scale between the two tourist extremes described above. Perhaps you lean towards one approach more so than the other. There are so many great places in Colorado to visit such as Evergreen Colorado and Colorado Springs.  Either way, Colorado Springs is the perfect affordable vacation destination for the top of your “Places to See” list.

As summer begins to wind down, Colorado Springs gears up to share a plethora of magical autumn hues with the world in the form of a phenomenal, yet beautifully understated natural attraction: its fall foliage. The fresh mountain air and crisp autumn leaves can be enjoyed by scenic car ride on the way to the top of Pikes Peak for a picnic lunch and summit views of Colorado Springs – a perfect destination for outdoor adventures! Not the outdoorsy type? Enjoy the fall foliage while lounging by a roaring resort lodge fire, hot toddy optional. Colorado Springs boasts accommodations for all budgets and priorities—whether you’re a player or a stayer – take time for yourself and unplug to reconnect!

If sweating is your favorite way to lose your troubles, take a hike. You can get up close and personal to nature’s palette by hiking Cheyenne Mountain State Park in the southwest corner of Colorado Springs. Guided full moon hikes and morning bird watch walks at the park make for especially unique ways to enjoy the foliage and make the most of the coziest season.  Or spend a day with your paddle on pristine waters for an entirely different view and experience.

Not to worry if you need a little adrenaline pumping through your veins in addition to the promise of beautiful leaves. Your next excursion to Colorado Springs could include hiking and biking, hot air ballooning, or some epic leaf viewing by historic railway. The agenda for your Colorado Springs vacation is a chose-your-own-adventure extravaganza, and you always have the breathtaking Rocky Mountain views and fall foliage to stimulate your senses if all else fails. So start dreaming of your next Colorado Springs getaway today. I can almost feel the sharpness of brisk mountain air filling my lungs and the crunch of a bouncy carpet of leaves underfoot.

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  1. Heather says:

    Growing up, we went on an annual road trip. I have such fond memories of our time on the open road. One favorite trip was through Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. I would love to go back and explore more of the beautiful terrain.

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