What Will The iPhone 8 Be Like?

Almost all analysts state that Apple will present the iPhone 8 in 2017. The standard company cycle lasts two years. First, they issue a model number with a new design, and then an S-version with new features but the same appearance. Last year, the iPhone 7 was presented; logically, this year, the 7s model should be released. However, it could happen differently based on several details.


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Firstly, in 2017, Apple celebrates 10 years since the presentation of the first iPhone, and it would be strange if this anniversary went unnoticed. Secondly, the iPhone 7 last year appeared to be too simple. The design remained almost unchanged; two new colors for the case were added, and the double camera was available only in the Plus version.


Thirdly, the iPhone 8 might not be released in the autumn of 2017, but, instead, in 2018. According to sources from the Foxconn plant, the company has already received orders to manufacture two new iPhones, the 7s and the 7s Plus.


One Step Behind


At the end of 2016, large manufacturers began issuing frameless smartphones. This trend was adopted by Samsung and LG, which released the Galaxy S8 and G6. Compared to these phones, the iPhone 7 looks rather sad because it has large frames and an enormous size. This is why many people are sure that an iPhone with a modern screen will be released.


Many things signify the notion that Apple will finally move on to OLED screens. Sharp Tai Jeng-Wu, CEO, announced this in November last year. At that time, Apple ordered 100 million OLED panels for the iPhone from Samsung Display, and 60 million more screens within a few months. If we consider the fact that the company sells approximately 200 million phones annually, Samsung will provide no less than 80% of the iPhone 8 with new screens.


Nothing extraordinary should be expected from the design. Apple will develop the design of the first iPhone 8 bearing the anniversary in mind, but in reality, it will be much simpler. According to numerous schematic images, the smartphone will not change much. The main difference in its appearance will be the glass case.


Modernization and Innovation


A wireless charger is the most anticipated novelty. The company ignored the Qi standard popular among Android smartphones for a long time, but at the end of last year, it invested $10 million into the Energous startup, which developed the WattUp technology that uses radio frequencies to transmit energy at a 4.5-meter distance. This technology can be integrated into tablets, laptops, watches, earphones, and other gadgets.


The iPhone 8camera will also change significantly. All renders, schemes, and blueprints show that its modules will be vertically oriented. This is required to record VR and AR content, which Tim Cook admitted numerous times that he favored. Aside from that, the camera will be able to take three-dimensional photos.


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