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Feeding Kids Throughout The School Day…


My kids are officially back to school – they didn’t start until after Labor Day which is later than most but not as late as a few that are around us.  Life for our kids is different than most.  Anthony’s school does have the option to purchase lunch but due to him being so particular he almost never buys lunch.  He likes to have the control.  Sephora’s school doesn’t have the option to buy lunch so she always has to bring a lunch.  In both cases they have the option to bring pretty much anything because they have access to a microwave.



We start with water based beverages – none of those sugary sweet options.  There are plenty of more healthy options available and AquaBalls are not only a better option but also a great deal of fun.  Don’t forget to recycle those bottles – they are a fun design with many future potential opportunities.



Another terrific beverage option is Sparkling Ice Lemonade!  Yum! Get that bubbly soda feeling without it actually being soda or bad for them.



Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is another great option made with 100% fresh ginger.  These we reserve for afternoon snacks when they get home since they are in glass bottles.  I have sent a thing or two to school in glass bottles but it always ended in disaster.  Can’t do that anymore!



The kids and I also get our days started with our favorite smoothies.  OMG we love our morning smoothies!  And how do we make them even more healthy and much more smooth and delicious?  With our Carrington Farms Organic Coconut Oil Ready To Go Paks!  These things are awesome!



Their favorite meal to bring to school and warm up is pasta – these kids could easily eat pasta 7 days a week and two meals a day (they wouldn’t give up the smoothies)…  But we use better for us pasta options  such as Explore Cuisine’s Organic Red Lentil Spaghetti.



Welch’s snacks are always a favorite in the kids lunches – they end up sharing with all their friends.  It is a fat free and gluten free snack that we frequently rely on.   Even adults love these!



Anthony loves these Raspberry Coconut Oatmeal Fruit Squeezes – he will grab them on his way out of the house in the morning if he is late for his bus or he will immediately grab one when he gets home from school – can’t share him with his sister you know…



And my daughter’s all time favorite snack is popcorn, everything popcorn.  The Little Kernel Mini Popcorn flavors are so much fun and make popcorn even better!

So there you have it – all the fun things my children eat throughout their days!

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