Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Bonus Flipbelt

Do you have an iPhone 7?  Or do you crave the new iPhone 8?  Well then you definitely will be wanting a new set of bluetooth headphones!  Although you can still use corded headphones it is far less convenient than a pair of bluetooth.

If you have an older iPhone or any other version of smartphone on the market then you can still use bluetooth headphones but you don’t have to – you still have a headphone port.  In our family we have older iPhones but prefer bluetooth headphones.  Why deal with getting all tangled up in headphone cables if you can avoid it.  These bluetooth headphones are a much more tidy solution.

These bluetooth headphones are noise canceling with HD high fidelity sound and echo elimination technology.  They have a long battery life on a single charge of up to 8 hours of playback time – most headphones hover around 6 hours so this is a significant improvement.  Are you looking for the most comfortable headphones?  Well these are incredibly comfortable – I really can’t imagine any other headphone being more comfortable.

As an added bonus a flipbelt is included with every purchase.  This flipbelt is perfect for hiking, biking, walking, horseback riding and more.  It can easily be worn by either a man or a woman and is a one size fits all waistband.  It is even reflective which is awesome now that it is starting to get dark much earlier.  You can also listen to music while using these headphones for more details you can check out: https://aeioutech.com/best-headphones-for-classical-music/

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