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What Is One Thing We Can’t Live Without? Tiger #tiedownstraps

This is a sponsored post by Tiger Tie Down Straps

Life with animals and spending time on a farm requires certain items to make our lives easier.  We own four horses – not quite sure how that happened but it is what it is.  Horses eat alot and take a great deal of work.  Where we keep our horses there are about 75-80 horses in total.  That means there is always something to do and it doesn’t always involve horses.  There are other animals there too – cows, goats, turkeys, dogs, cats and more.

We absolutely need our Tiger Tie Down straps to keep hay in place on the truck, to keep four wheelers in place on the trailer, to keep bikes on our racks, and for just about any other thing we can think of.  They are incredibly versatile and there is a need for them just about every day.

What about when we have to move portable horse pens – definitely need the Tiger Tie Down Straps.

These straps are made with premium industrial grade material so we can be sure everything is safe and sound and they are a whopping 20 feet long.  They are heavy duty and durable and can even handle a load of round bales.

The straps have ergonomic molded custom custom strap handles guaranteeing the handles will not fall off.  The cargo capacity is 500 pounds for load and a 1500 pound breaking strength.

The molded rubber “S” hooks protect cargo and equipment from any scratches or damage.


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