10 Best Movers in Sarasota


Choosing the best company to move your possessions from one location to another can be a big task. There are several things to consider when choosing a moving company especially if the move is from one state to another. Moving companies base their quotes on supply and demand. Typically, the first and last three days of any given month are the busiest so quotes for those times will be higher. Try scheduling your move in the middle of the month to save some money.When looking for movers in Sarasota make sure to check the company’s history. Each state government keeps a database of complaints against a company.


You can also visit Moving.org and look for ProMover certified companies. This will give you an idea of how they handled disputes in the past and what the disputes were.There is optional yet necessary insurance you should purchase through the moving company that will cover your possessions. The replacement value for these items if they are lost or destroyed is by law not covered unless you purchase this low-cost insurance.


When moving from one state to another ask specifically for a “binding estimate.” This will ensure the maximum amount you will pay for the moving company’s services. A traditional estimate is not binding and they can, in the end, charge you whatever they want. A reputable company, however, should be happy to give you a “binding estimate” if you request it.


When you need your possessions delivered by a certain date make sure this is included in the contract. There should also be big penalties for the moving company in the contract that specify the amount removed from your bill for every day they are late delivering items. You can also put your moving job up for bid on a website like Uship.com.


Moving companies will bid on the job and this keeps the cost lower for you. This is especially helpful if you have large items or a piece of furniture that is a unique shape and size.You can read reviews on websites like movingcompanyreviews.com which will review companies in your specific location. Then check this information against the state database for company complaints and check to see if they are rated at Moving.org.


Remember that these are your household possessions and you want to ensure their safety during the move.


Here are a list of 10 best movers in Sarasota:


  1. Stronger Movers and Delivery- Exceptional service and great for long-distance moves.
  2. Two Brothers and a Truck- Responsive to emails and friendly.

3.Family Moving LLC – Sarasota- They are professional, friendly, and provide reliable service.

  1. Yarnall Warehouse- Respectful of possessions and space being moved into and out of. Friendly and reliable.
  2. The Moving Solution- This company charges a flat rate. They are efficient and affordable.
  3. Flat Fee Movers- Punctual and careful with antique items.
  4. BestPrice Movers- Extremely careful with delicate and large items like pianos.
  5. All the Right Moves- Movers were courteous, careful with possessions, and considerate of the space.
  6. Sam’s Movers- Flexible and easy to work with.
  7. Gardiner and Sons- Professional and respectful service.

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