A Lightning Cable For Every Need

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are mine

I don’t know about you but I seriously never have enough lightning cables in the house or with me and definitely never the right size.  It does seem to e quite a dilemma.  With the kids now much older – there is always a battle for the cables in the house.

First, we need a really long one (at least one) in the car so their devices can reach a charger while we travel – especially for great distances.  We need that cable to reach from the front of the vehicle all the way to the back seat…

Then there are times when I want to use a portable charger and a 6 foot cable just won’t do.

Now I have found this set of 3 lightning cables by Aimus on Amazon and it is perfect.  There are three cables – 6 foot, 4 foot and .4 foot!  A cable for every need. The only other cable I ever need is a 10 foot – because sometimes they want to charge but sit a full distance across the living room.  The kids just don’t make it easy.

Not only is this set of three cables perfect – it is not too expensive and ships with Prime.

And who are these mischievous kids who always have these cable needs?


Happy Halloween everyone!

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