POWERSERIES™ PRO Cordless 2-in-1 Pet Vacuum For Pet Hair Cleanup Needs

This is a sponsored post by Black and Decker.  All opinions are my own.

My husband and I have always had dogs – usually multiple.  This is the first time in our married lives where we have only had one.  Breeds we have had over the years include Dalmatians, English Mastiff, Weimaraners, Newfoundland, Miniature Schnauzer… To be fair the Miniature Schnauzer was mine before we met – otherwise we stick with the large and giant breeds.  And these guys leave a great deal of hair behind.

Our newfoundland is what we have now – Xena Lee.  There is never a a time where we don’t have hair on us no matter how hard we try.  We can vacuum every single day and still globs of hair appear everywhere again the next day.  My husband does a great job of keeping up with brushing her but it seems to be a never ending battle.

You can imagine how hard this battle is on our vacuum! The POWERSERIES™ PRO Cordless 2-in-1 Pet Vacuum by Black and Decker is a life saver.  We both work professional jobs – it is not cool to walk around covered in dog hair!

Pet hair and messes are no problem for this vacuum. It has anti-tangle rubber bristles to lift hair out of carpet and furniture to help keep fur at a minimum. The portable canister detaches for complete floor-to-ceiling cleaning, and allows us to empty it less often with the dust compactor. This vacuum automatically adjusts suction for each floor type, it shows battery charge status, and alerts us when it’s time to clean the filter.  There is a touchpad control to manually adjust settings.

My favorite feature is that I can empty dirt and debris into the trash can with just the touch of a button!  No mess after cleaning up a mess. It has an LED light to see the surfaces we are cleaning and swivel steering so we can reach all those hard to reach places.

Attachments include:  A Brush bar that detaches easily for quick cleaning;  a 3-in-1 accessory tool: 6-inch nozzle, crevice tool, and upholstery brush; and an extension wand and 4-foot hose for overhead reach and versatility.

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