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Heli 4400 Power Lantern Home & Car Kit

Do you camp at all?  If so, then this is the power lantern for you.  But you definitely don’t need to be a camper to have tons of use from this lantern.  I am planning on keeping this in my car at all times.

This is a lantern- that much is very clear but it is so much more.  It is a rechargeable lantern that has standard USB ports that can charge cell phones, speakers, hotspots, and so much more.  If it can be charged with a USB cable then this lantern has you covered.  The battery is a 4400 mAh Li-Ion battery which provides up to 80 hours of light.  It has 15 bright white and 8 red LEDs.  

It also includes a 12V AC wall charger so it can be charged by wall charger, car charger or even solar!  With all the natural disasters going on lately it is critical to have as much as we can solar – we could lose power with any of these storms.  We lost power for weeks with Hurricane Irene and Sandy.  We were as prepared as we could be but this will make us even more prepared.

In case you don’t think camping is for you – imagine camping in an RV rather than a tent.  Think of all the places you get to see – this weekend we were in Maine.

And sometimes we travel with and for our horses…

You can easily rent on but now they are even more affordable than ever you just need to figure out what you want.  We brought this lantern with us camping this weekend and it worked great.  It was incredibly foggy as early as 4pm and the kids did some pre-Halloween trick or treating.  They needed a lantern to simply see their way.

Halloween is a huge deal at campgrounds as you can see by this major setup – right in front of their RV.  But you always need reliable lanterns and this Heli Take Charge lantern is the perfect accessory.

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