How do the Fitness and Safety Measures Go Hand-In-Hand?

If you’re highly tempted to follow a fitness workout, you must be aware of the safety gears hooked along. One of the hottest trends in the fitness industry is pole dancing.

Yes, the rising popularity of this rewarding form of exercise has made it to the top choice among the youth.  It is both fun and a gratifying form of workout. But besides that pleasure, there is an important concern – safety. Any kind of mishap can happen during the frolic workout.

Here’re some safety measures you can follow to protect yourself against any injury and have all the pleasures of pole dancing.

  • Stay away from oils or lubricants:

On the pole, the grip is the most crucial thing, as you never want to slide or slip off. The oils or lotions rub off on the pole makes it more slippery and harder to hold properly. And fall in the difficult positions while performing spins or holding yourself upside down could be really fatal. Avoid any contact with oil or lotions when you plan to go dance.

  • Seek Proper Guidance and Training:

It’s not that easy form of dance that you’ll fix a pole at home and swing around. It’s more than that. It calls for immense safety standards to avert any kind of injuries or lifetime harms. Hire an instructor who guides well, catches the errors and make the corrections. No YouTube video can do this! If you care your body, perform it in a safe way! You can seek the assistance of pole dance studio Miami.

  • Wipe Off The Pole Completely:

Sometimes your natural body oil rubs off on the pole making it slimy and slippery. So, it is always recommended to clean or wipe the pole during the workout session, after every fifteen minutes or so

  • Proper Costume:

Wearing skimpy or fewer clothes is not for fun while doing the pole dance. The more skin exposed, the more the body is able to connect to the pole. The excess fabric cut down friction which leads to more slippage. Also, you can fend off excess jewelry so as to avoid unnecessary distraction. The same guide goes for the footwear. Don’t wear the shoes having excess buckles, studs or laces.

  • Have a Spotter At Help:

Don’t dare to attempt any tedious moves without a safety mat under you. It will reduce the impact if you fall and safeguard you from some nasty injuries. Or else, you can have a partner spotting you performing a move about which you feel unsure or potentially dangerous.

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