ValourGo Collapsible Water Bottle For Perfect Portability

Don’t you just hate ending up somewhere, really thirsty, and having nothing to drink?  Happens to us all the time at the barn.  It never fails – we run to the barn to check on our horses and a visit that should take 15 minutes quickly turns into 4 hours and we are dying of thirst.  Because of course during those four hours we are working really really hard, often in hot weather with no relief in sight.  On more than one occasion I have called my husband and asked him to grab every single beverage we have in the house and bring it to the barn before we all pass out and die!  Okay so maybe we wouldn’t die but at that point we are definitely desperate.

But with this ValourGo Collapsible Water Bottle – I can keep bottles in the car and we never have to worry about being caught short without something to drink.  The barn has a faucet and hose – we just need a bottle to carry it all in. These bottles are available on Amazon in multiple colors:  Blue, Pink, Aqua Blue and Charcoal Gray.  Ours is aqua blue!

The bottle itself is made of collapsible silicone with a silicone cord/tab to hold the bottle closed and in place.  The mouthpiece is a hard plastic – thankfully because if it were silicone I can see my kids constantly chomping on it.  The mouthpiece has a cover that locks in place to prevent leaking.

There is also a hook that you can attach to a carabiner – for us that means we can easily take it with us on trail rides by simply hooking it to the saddle.  The wide mouth of the bottle allows us to clean it easily when we are done.  We only use it for water so we don’t need to worry about staining etc… but I don’t see why you couldn’t also use it for something like Crystal Light.

A huge added bonus is that my daughter can take it to school.  She is required to have something non-breakable at school so she has plenty to drink all day.  This is absolutely unbreakable.

This product is by ValourBaby and another great product in their arsenal is their leakproof travel bottles.  We travel alot – day trips and long distances, we are always on the road.  These travel bottles are perfect for our shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc… – enough for a couple days while on our trip and they are TSA approved.

Head to ValourGo to see their full selection of products.


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