Group and Event Meal Planning Made Easy With Selectivor

Living in a three generation household can be difficult at best sometimes – especially when it comes to meal planning.  With ages from 12 to 76 (and at times a fourth generation down to 1 year old) – there is a great variety of meal needs, preferences, dislikes, allergies and more.  Nothing is ever easy but when it comes to events or even just day to day meal planning that everyone can agree on – Selectivor is an incredible resource to make it all manageable.  It creates a roadmap for meal and entertaining success.

To begin with the Selectivor app you simply create an account with either your Facebook login or an email address.  I chose a Facebook login but it then allowed me to choose a specific email address – which I appreciated since I prefer to use a different one.

Setting up a profile is easy – choose to have no food restrictions or select food restrictions and input allergy information, special diets followed and/or foods specifically disliked.

Then you set up a directory, family, group and/or events.  I didn’t set up a directory but the first thing I did was set up a family.  To do so I needed to set up a profile for each person with their name, DOB and any food restrictions they have.

Once I set up the family members, I set up a group for the Nagel Family Group.  This group has all of the food restrictions for each member, combined, making meal planning much more easy.

Then I set up an event and added the family members all as guests.  In this case I set up Thanksgiving 2017.



As you can see this event has the details of everyone’s special diets, allergies and dislikes.

Now the meal planning begins – with allowed foods in green.  These are clearly foods that are allowed by everyone attending the event.

“Maybe” allowed foods are identified in yellow.  These are possible but proceed with caution.

Not allowed foods are definitely not allowed for the entire group and should be stayed away from for ease of planning.

Now the preparations can begin with an actual roadmap for a successful event.

There are millions of Americans living with food allergies, including 1 in 13 schoolchildren. My husband and I are both public school administrators so we see this on a daily basis.  Beyond that, 2 out of 3 people have at least one dietary restriction. Selectivor helps meet the needs of everyone.

This app is free and designed for social food events.  The profiles can be shared with others so they are also aware.  It is available on iOS and Android in the app stores.  This app is backed by a high-caliber, physician-led team. The app’s database is built on a database of more than 600 everyday foods and 60 common diet templates, including all major food allergens.

With the annual holidays coming up – why not make your meal planning a great deal more easy?  Selectivor will make the events a great deal less stressful.

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