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Stuffed Burger Press Kit 3-in-1!

I am always searching for the perfect burger.  I am not a huge fan of red meat but I do like a good burger – so no, I am not vegetarian.  Everyone else in my family are definitely red meat lovers so I try to find recipes that will not only satisfy them but also me.

This is the first time I have tried a stuffed burger.  Remember my post a while back with Macaroni and Cheese and a Hot Dog?  Well today I am trying out this new Easy For Life 3 in 1 Stuffed Burger Press and naturally I am going to stuff it with Macaroni and Cheese.  I will share the recipe a little later (teaser) but this one is homemade with veggies – YUM!

Think of all the things you could fill a burger with?  Next time I am going to crack an egg into it.  I know alot of people like eggs on their burgers – I have never tried it but stuffed in the middle I am totally willing to try!

This would be awesome for a party.  I know I am totally tired of boring old hamburgers and hot dogs.  These burgers end up being huge and with stuffing your guests will be incredibly full by the time they leave.

Next time I am going to make a turkey burger and stuff it with mashed potatoes and stuffing… Or what about a Shepards’ Pie burger – stuffed with mashed potatoes and corn?

These are very easy to make with this burger press – even my kids can’t wait til the next burger making moment so they can decide what to stuff their own burger with.

When you aren’t in the mood for a stuffed burger, this press can be used as a regular burger press for perfectly round burgers or there is even a mini press so you can make your own perfectly sized sliders.

Look how delicious this is!  You can’t see the veggies in the mac and cheese stuffing but I assure you there are some veggies there.

You may find this burger press on Amazon


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