Chinese Paper Lanterns – What You Need to Know

I have wanted to use Chinese Paper Lanterns for some time.  They are a really visual hands on way to honor lost loved ones, make a wish, celebrate at weddings etc…  For me I tend to focus on losses.  Today we released some Chinese Paper Lanterns in Vermont.  I wanted a place that allowed us to get back to nature as well as honor our losses.  We honored my father who recently passed and my daughter’s nephew who passed a little while ago.

These particular Chinese Paper Lanterns are huge.  You can see they are nearly as large as my 12 year old daughter!  This is a set of 10 extra large, very colorful sky lanterns.  They are very easy to use – we simply held them upside down, lit the cardboard square in the middle (making sure the paper lantern is fully open – we had to shake it open fully first); once that was fully lit, we flipped it over and between two people we were able to hold it open until the gas filled the lantern; then it gently lifts off.

We had to choose a day with little or no wind – that has been hard to come by in New England for some time.  This morning as soon as we realized how perfect this day was going to be – we headed to Vermont!  We love day trips anyway.

These are created out of material that is eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.  They are made out of rice paper and a whopping 35 inches tall with a sturdy bamboo frame.  The cardboard a an intelligent wax fuel cell along with cotton string.

These are great fun with such a sentimental purpose.  However, there are many rules in the United States for Chinese Paper Lanterns (Sky Lanterns).  You should know that they are currently illegal in 30 states.  The chart below identifies all the states except for Nebraska which was recently added.

Take Care When Flying Lanterns

  • Flying sky lanterns could be mistaken for a distress signal, so inform the coastguard if launching in a coastal location.
  • Ensure all those involved in lighting and launching the sky lantern are over 18 years old and if younger proper supervision is required.
  • Check weather conditions and only release in still conditions.
  • Choose a wide open space, and ensure there are no obstacles close to the launch site (especially downwind or above) like buildings, trees, overhead cables, or pylons.
  • Have water, sand, or a fire extinguisher to hand.
  • Inspect the sky lantern for tears or any damage before use.
  • Stand upwind of the sky lantern and have all bystanders do likewise.
  • Do not launch near sites where there may be inflammable liquids or gases.
  • Do not launch near an airport.

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