No Tie Snaplaces For Total Ease With Shoes

Laces are a huge issue in our house.  First of all we have a disabled father in law in our house who really can no longer tie his own shoes.  He also cannot stand any velcro shoes that are on the market – can’t really say I blame him.  They are definitely not attractive at all and they probably are even less comfortable than they look.

We also have an autistic 17 year old son.  We have spent years trying to teach him to tie his shoes.  He just cannot do it.  Sometimes he can tie them extremely loosely but they only stay tied for a few minutes.  We have come to rely on boots and cowboy boots and other types of shoes that get him away from sneakers but don’t require any modification.  Boots are not unusual for him since we own four horses – boots are a way of life for us.

Snaplaces come in a great deal of colors and two varieties – 2 and 4 packs.  There are collegiate, classic, bright, primary and limited colors. The Collegiate Snaplaces can help show their school pride from 22 of the top universities. The best thing about these laces is that they can both wear whatever shoes they want – as you can see my son has them “installed” in his Heelies.  Not only does he et to wear cool shoes but his cool shoes are now even more cool!

The laces themselves are elasticized and the ends are snapped into the clip – there are teeth in the clip that hold the elasticized lace in place nice and securely.

My son no longer has shoe laces hanging on the ground and he can go back to wearing his sneakers that he loves so much.  Tomorrow I will lace up a pair of my father in laws shoes and see if he can get the hang of it.  Then he can go back to wearing his New Balance sneakers that fit him so comfortably.

These are great no just for seniors and special needs individuals – they are perfect for runners, bikers and everyone who doesn’t want to risk having shoes come untied or just wants to get their shoes on quickly and go!  Even I love them – I have no time to waste and am thrilled with the option to just throw my shoes on and go.

Snaplaces offers free shipping on orders over $40 at

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