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Two weeks ago we had a near catastrophe in our lives – one of those days that is a parents worst nightmare.  I never want to have a day like that again.

I will start by saying my kids have had cell phones since a pretty young age – probably younger than most although nowadays who really knows what is too young.  They have special needs – one is a runner (runs when she panics) and one wanders.  They are older now but these are still very real issues.  So we bought them cell phones several years ago and loaded several different tracking software products on the phone.  In some situations this is very helpful – in others though it is barely useful because as soon as the phone dies, so does my ability to track them.  Of course then there is the situations when they misplace their phones and we need to track the device – not the child.  Problem is by the time a child realizes their phone is missing – yup, it is probably dead.

So two weeks ago my daughter was at school and suffered a major panic attack and ran from the school.  I will tell you at the outset she did not have her phone since school makes them keep the device in their backpack so the TrackR at this particular moment wouldn’t have been helpful.  But then even if she had it – it would have been minimally helpful based on the following.  But we have now added a TrackR Pixel to her device and you will see why… If this ever happens again I do expect she will have her phone with her.

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On this fateful day she ran from the school and no one noticed – every other time someone has noticed and was able to calm her down and get her back.  This time since no one noticed she just kept running, and running and running… through the woods.  By the time she turned around, felt like she had control again – she was very lost.  Without going through all the details – by the time she was found she had been in the woods for 5 hours in the pouring rain in 45 degree weather with only a tshirt and stretch pants and somewhere along the way she fell into a swamp and lost her sock and boots.  She was cut up, freezing, starving, hysterical and afraid.  I should point out – she is 12.  We had state police (alot of them), dogs, friends, family, firefighters, coworkers, and more out looking for her.

My point is – if she had her phone with her it may have helped.  But kids never remember to fully charge their phones.  So we need something else to rely on and going forward that is the TrackR Pixel.  This was by far the worst panic attack she has ever had.  Usually she just runs to a closed in space and comes out when she is ready.  I don’t ever intend to go through that hell again.  Not ever.  I need at least a dozen of these TrackRs – then I will have even greater peace of mind.  She also rides horses and I am always afraid something will happen to her while she is out on the trails.  She never goes alone but it would not be a surprise if she gets separated from whoever she is with.  It would be awesome to include a tracker on the horse’s bridle – in case I need to track either her horse or her!

Of course the TrackR Pixel can be used on remotes, car keys, garage door openers, wallets, equipment and more.  But I have been sleeping much more peacefully knowing my kids have one on their cell phone cases.

The TrackR Pixel comes with a little tiny lanyard attached to it.  You have the option of using that to attach the device to something you’d like to protect or you can take that off and use a sticky pad that is also included.  It comes with a battery already included but when it is time to change the battery you simply twist the back on/off to change it.

Download the TrackR app on your device – android or IOS.

As you can see I did attach one to her phone and you can see that it is pretty small.

It does have some thickness to it but she also has a pop socket on her phone and you can see it isn’t even at thick as a pop socket.

In the app you add a device, name it, and follow the setup instructions (30 seconds to set up).  Immediately, you will see your device on a map pinpointing the exact location of the device.  This attaches to a device such as a phone – the phone that it is on doesn’t sync with the device so it doesn’t matter whether the phone is dead or not.  The TrackR will still track.  If I am in the general area of the device and still can’t find it – I press a button in the app and the device starts to sort of chirp – I wish that was a little more loud but in normal conditions it is loud enough.

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I can’t think of anyone who could not use this for so many purposes.

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The TrackR Pixel is available in quite a few colors:  black, white, gray, green, aqua, blue, pink, red, and full packs of colors.  In addition to the TrackR Pixel there is also the TrackR Bravo!  You can choose which you prefer.


Our next journey will be hiking as a family on the Appalachian Trail.  How long does it take to hike the Appalachian Trail?   We will soon find out!  What’s your next big adventure – and are you bringing your TrackR Pixel?

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10 thoughts on “TrackR Pixel Saves The Day #TrackR #TrackRpixel #TrackRholiday #AlwaysHaveIt #sp

  1. GiGi Eats says:

    OMG THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO NECESSARY IN OUR HOUSE! My husband loses his keys ALL THE FRIGGIN’ TIME! ALLLLLL THE TIME! hahaha! Actually, I don’t know WHY I am laughing because it’s really NOT all that funny in the moment! 😉

  2. Nicole says:

    These are so awesome! I have heard of this product before and have heard nothing but great things. It apparently does work really well! I’ll have to try this out for myself sometime now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Rachel says:

    Wow! What an experience you had with your daughter!!! This device sounds perfect for kids of any age! Thank you for sharing your experience I cannot imagine how scared you were.. I pray she is doing well!!!! Definitely puts things into perspective.. I also have young kids and wouldn’t think twice to have this device on their phones!

  4. Claire says:

    i am not familair with this gadget but it looks useful and efficient! These days even cell phones can harm your life with all those hackers.. gotta be safe!

  5. Tiffany Haywood says:

    First I am so sorry that this situation happened BUT I am glad the end was a happy one despite it’s stress. I think my kids probably had their phones rather early as well (9) but as you said I think that decision depends on the family and the child. I will be looking into the Tracker Pixel for sure because I know how unreliable battery time and even apps can be. Thanks for sharing your story as well as the discount code!

  6. Candy Rachelle says:

    Oh!! This is such a great product. I think this is perfect Christmas gift for my hubby. I am pretty sure that he really loves it. He really likes this kind of stuff.

  7. Owen Kelly says:

    I have never heard of this. Thank you for sharing, it is a great review – will come in handy for everyone’s needs I`m sure

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