So You Want To Start a Website?…

So you want to build a website… Rather than procrastinating and planning jump right into it and make changes as you go.  Being established is critical so get it up and running. Even if you create it and don’t make it “live” right away you can at least load it with information so when users stop in they aren’t seeing one single post with nothing else.

Invest in a professional secure site. If budget is one of your major concerns, there are best free website builders you can use that will not suffer the quality of your own site even if it’s free. You will want customers and sponsors to trust your site – once you get them to your site you don’t want to lose them. If your site accepts credit cards you need to take advantage of all technological advancements to protect the customers credit cards. If even one customer gets their information stolen or their account hacked it will reflect poorly on your business.  You should also compare platforms such as Wix vs Weebly to see which will work best for you.

Don’t bog your readers down with calls to action and ads.  Be authentic and real.

Your site should be easy to navigate without too many distractions such as autoplay videos.  No one likes autoplay videos.

Make your contact information easy to find and make it easy to find anything the reader is looking for.

Research color combinations.  There is an actual psychology to choosing appropriate website colors and combinations.  It is critical that you use color combinations that are easy on the eyes and easy to read.  You want visually impactful color themes.

Choose fonts that also are easy to read and easy on the eyes. Some builders offer website templates to choose from.

Each page should be at least 500-1000 words with 1-3 images.  I always include at least one image, sometimes I use more than three but 1-3 is optimal.

Be sure to use Google Adwords to get the best SEO and to Get web traffic for all the work you put into it.  Think like your clients think to get the most appropriate Adwords.

Make sure you have social network buttons on your site that are really visible and easy for a reader to use.

Keep updating content frequently – readers look for fresh content.

Testimonials are critical to consumers.  Old and new testimonials – they will want to know that your information has stood the test of time.  That it has been consistent and reliable.

Enlist the help of a customer success platform to help assess you have optimized your site to the best of its ability.  All you need to do is utilize customer success software and you will stay on track and continue to engage your readers.


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