Swedish Meatballs and Egg Noodles – Winter Crockpot Dinner

My husband and I have 5 kids aged 12 to 30.  We have spent practically a lifetime making child friendly meals.  Our youngest is 12 years old and she is pretty willing to try just about anything.  Our 17 year old is autistic though and has been slower to have any type of meal flexibility.   Lately however, he has been exposed to many more meal types at school (where he is more willing to try whatever all the other kids try) and this is allowing me to also make more adult meals and I am thrilled to have this new ability without kids kicking and screaming and throwing fits.  Yup its a real struggle.

So, tonight I made what I am calling swedish meatballs and egg noodles.  To be fair, I actually didn’t make the meatballs – simply bought Cooked Perfect’s meatballs at our local Stop and Shop.  But I wanted to make them in a creamy delicious sauce – a sauce that my son would totally want to try.  By the time this dinner was done, and he couldn’t wait…, he was telling me this was the best meal he has ever had.  Well, that is no small feat and I totally appreciated his sentiment.

I used a 6 quart Crock Pot – this one to be exact.  It is also on sale ALOT on Amazon right now for the holidays  for just $36.94 (at the time of this post).

For a Crock Pot this large I used two bags of meatballs (104 small meatballs).  The sauce is 3 cans of cream of mushroom soup; 2 cans of water; a full container of sour cream; 3 jars of beef gravy and a stick of butter (yup butter)…

Cook it all on high for five hours – stirring occasionally.  Serve on top of egg noodles!

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