Winter Equine Terrarium – Dollar Tree Style

Last night I was searching for terrariums and I came across equine terrariums – and fell in love.  I immediately knew I totally wanted to make one of these – now that I have made one I may just make more!  This was fun, quick and thanks to Dollar Tree – inexpensive.

Here’s what I used:

A celebration bowl (terrarium) from the wedding section – plastic not glass

Two bags or rocks for the bottom of the bowl – layer at the bottom of the bowl.  The bags are two different sizes of rocks – the smaller size fills in between the larger size.

Four bags of white sand (snow) – layer on top of the rocks.  Much of the sand will fill in between the rocks which is why it takes 4 bags.

A car ashtray cup – I know that seems strange.  I threw out the cup part and kept the top portion to hold our hay.

One bag of boulder like rocks – we only used 1/3 of the bag.

One bag of hay-like moss (not green moss).  This stuff is really messy.  We only used around 1/10th of the bag.

One bag of horses from the toy section – we only used half of them.  Some of them were not real enough looking to include but we used five of them and that was plenty.

Total purchase at Dollar Tree – $11

There were two non Dollar Tree items I used.  I needed something for a water trough so I used an old protein powder scoop and cut off the handle.

Plus for a winter terrarium I wanted the horses to have blankets.  I cut off a really narrow edge of a towel and used a glue gun to glue the blankets on the horses.

Now that I wanted this so bad – my daughter did too!  So it is in her room.  The good news is I can make another even less expensively because I have plenty of the hay moss left and plenty of the boulders.  I may just make another for my office!

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