Ways To Minimize Food Waste

The level of food waste is with time rising to incomprehensible levels. If anything, this can be the only time that an average person should start fighting back. No one would believe that the amount of food that we put to waste on an annual basis can approximately add up to feed one billion people globally. If you doubt, then you better believe it and instead, find for a possible solution to curb it. Research has proven that more than one-third of food produced globally today ends up wasted and spoiled. This is as estimated with countries like America which throw away to almost 50% of the food they buy. Yet, nearly half the Americans population, at that time, lives without sufficient access to safe food. Saving food means saving money and with this, no one is being forced to overeat so as to save. Instead, consider various methods, as discussed in this article, to help you cut down on food waste.

Strictly Buy Only What You Need

This includes preparing yourself way ahead of time. For instance, if you plan to cook a certain type of meal, it is crucial that you know the exact quantity of ingredients in the recipe. This will ensure that you purchase only what you need at that particular time hence saving on food waste. If you plan to use a kilogram of beans, ensure that you purchase exactly that amount.

Expiration Date

Checking on the expiration date to any edible product is the most important thing of all. This is not only to avoid food waste but also is the basic way to escape any possible food poisoning. At times, however, you might accidentally pick products with a close expiry date. On realizing so, ensure that you keep an eye on them so as to make sure you use them before the expiration. To ensure this, it is advisable that you keep the items with the closet expiry date at the front of the refrigerator or the cabinet.

Store Food Better

The lifespan of the food you store in your house is determined by the method of storage. The level of care you give to a particular food can either add or reduce its endurance. For instance, dry foods such as grains are better stored in right-containers and in a totally dry place. This will prevent moisture and weevils from spoiling and poisoning the food. If you have the perishable type of food, ensure that you put them in the refrigerator but in an appropriate way. Some that can go off quicker such as the herbs are best preserved by wrapping them in a damp towel before storing.

Eat Leftovers

What most of us don’t know is that it is the leftovers that contribute much to food waste. There are, however, plenty of constructive ways we can apply to make them useful. For instance, rather than throwing them away, consider putting them in a fried after of course wrapping them neatly. You can then decide to re-eat them the following day while at work as you can warm leftovers and make a great meal instead of cooking again.

In conclusion, it can be the worst idea to throw away food. This is especially with the rising economy where food prices have certainly been rising. It is, therefore important that we are careful about the way we purchase our foods and in what quantity. Groceries stores like the Mre Giant are known to supply fresh groceries and giving discounts. However, we must be careful not to over purchase as this is one of the key factors to food waste.

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