Holiday Shopping For The Man In Your Life (What He Really Wants) #GiftsForYourGuy

This post is sponsored by Old Spice and Gillette at Walmart. All opinions are my own.

Yes, this is my man – well my main man anyway.  I also have three sons who also consider themselves my “men”.  My main man has been just that for 27 years now!  I barely feel like I am 27 years old so to say that I have been married that long is still quite amazing to me.  I am truly blessed.

As such I really want to make sure he knows he is loved and appreciated when it comes to the holidays.  The rest of the year, life often gets in the way – this is our time to really sparkle.  My husband works in elementary education as an administrator and he loves character ties.  But ties can’t be his only gifts.  So what else do my daughter and I (and Santa) have up our sleeves?

The best thing about this list is that they are easy to find now so that you aren’t scrambling for options at the last minute – but they are also great last-minute options so you LOOK like you have been searching high and low for the perfect gifts.

Gifts He Really Wants…

First we have to have the Batman (Justice League) Gillette gift set.  We just finished watching Justice League this weekend in our local theater – awesome movie!  Let’s take a moment to consider just how awesome Justice League is… I can’t wait until there is another one – there has got to be another one right?

For just $14.88 you can get this great set at Walmart and it has a Gillette Fusion5 Razor with 2 cartridges, a Gillette Hydrator Body Wash, 1 Gillette Clear Gel Cool Wave Antiperspirant & Deodorant and 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Sensitive Ocean Breeze Shave Gel.

After taking a poll of many of my female friends – it was clear that Old Spice was a favorite by a large majority.  After all, what better scent for your man than a scent that you love!  The Old Spice Swagger Gift Set is also at the top of the list.

Each gift set includes:  Old Spice Red Zone Swagger Scent Body Wash, Old Spice Red Zone Swagger Scent Body Spray for Men and Old Spice Red Zone Swagger Scent Invisible Solid Antiperspirant and Deodorant.  You man can smell great all day!

My husband loves to cook and he has been on a healthy eating plan (we all have).  Top of the list this year is a nice air fryer – no more grease frying for this family!  Doesn’t stop us from craving crispy, fried foods – we just need to do it without all the grease.

All that camping, hunting, hanging out by the campfire… A stainless steel vacuum insulated tumbler is a must have item to keep the cold beverages cold and hot beverages hot for many hours of the day.

Everyone is getting one of these this year.  It is a great stocking stuffer, excellent last minute gift and incredibly versatile and helpful.  It can be used at home, in the car, at work, at the campground, at the barn (we own four horses) – and more.  My solution is to keep one in each vehicle and then we always have it when we need it.


A nice flashlight is always needed especially in the winter months when it is dark by 4:30 pm and even dark when we get up in the morning.  It seems there is always a need for a flashlight and the answer cannot always be found in a tiny little keychain flashlight.

When you are a kid, you never want socks in your Christmas stocking.  That is just not cool.  But when you are adult – socks that are fun or appropriate for the weather are an absolute requirement.  No one can ever have enough socks.  I know socks are on my list every year and I know they are definitely on his list every year!

All last minute shopping for the man in your life can be completed at Walmart – effortlessly and it can even be fun!

Now, we get to turn the lights down low, put our feet up and sit by the Christmas tree.  Our shopping is done.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Old Spice and Gillette at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

11 thoughts on “Holiday Shopping For The Man In Your Life (What He Really Wants) #GiftsForYourGuy

  1. Jenny says:

    WOW! I actually added a few ideas to my shopping list. My dad is the most difficult man to shop for because he is so practical. I love the idea of getting him a new multi tool! Perfect and I totally hadn’t thought of that! Thanks!

  2. Hannah Marie says:

    The Gillete gift set is perfect for my Dad! I’ve been thinking of what to give him and this came just in time. Thank you for sharing.

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