5 Tips to Picking The Right Muay Thai Training Facility

Picking the right muay thai training facility is a very important step if you are looking into getting the most out of your muay thai training. While kickboxing and muay thai are completely different sports, some training facilities consider kickboxing as muay thai. This is because some of them add the occasional elbow and knee to the muay thai training combination. Both are standup sports and involve punching and kicking techniques but the style of fighting is completely different. Muay thai is similar karate and other martial arts.

You should, therefore, attend a muay thai camp with coaches that are qualified in muay thai. Below are tips on how you can pick the right muay thai training facility.

1. Training facility equipment

One of the factors that you need to take into consideration when picking out your muay thai training facility is enrolling in a gym with good training facilities. While most muay thai training facilities have high-quality gear such as Fairtex and boon, their condition and the overall cleanliness of the gym is very important. Equipment used in training like bags need to be refilled, well cleaned and the entire area kept tidy. Old training gear like trainer’s pads also needs to be replaced. Feel free to bring your own fight equipment UK to make sure what you are using is clean.

2. Experienced trainers

A training facility with the best coaching and classes needs to be the first thing you look at when choosing a muay thai training facility. Experienced trainers are there, but at the same time, there are those that are inexperienced. The trainer should be able to train you on new techniques, with the ability to correct you on any wrong moves and motivate you to get better among other good qualities that will boost your training.

3. A dedicated coach

The main reason that you attend the muay thai training is to learn and grow. The trainer in the training facility should be able to help you grow and see you through your training even when you are almost quitting. A good trainer should patiently teach you the techniques and gradually monitor your progress correcting on where you are doing it wrong. Find a facility with a trainer who cares about all the trainees with an aim of growing them.

4. Enough training space

Lack of adequate training or bag area space within the facility will waste a lot of time spent waiting in queue for others to finish training before you begin. Apart from spending time waiting in the queue, this also poses a safety threat during training sessions and might result in people injuring each other.

5. Motivated Students

Any kind of training is always better when group work effort is involved. This is no different with muay thai training. Motivated students will help each other grow and work on routines that will enable you to progress, especially for those planning on fighting as a career. Find a training facility with students that are passionate about muay thai.

Gyms in Thailand such as Gym, Hua Hin, Thailand, which is a Muay Thai camp for both men and women for all levels in Sam Roi Yot provide training where you can get in shape, lose weight, prepare to fight or simply get inspired. Get in touch with them for more information on pricing and booking.

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