Pressure Cooking Boiled Eggs

Oh boy are we a family of egg lovers.  Cook them any and every way, and we are a very happy crew.  The day Anthony discovered boiled eggs was the day I rejoiced!  He started with scrambled eggs but it took him a long time to try boiled eggs.  He is a convert now!

For years, I would boil my eggs like the rest of the world.  Hence the term – boiled eggs.  But then I discovered baking my boiled eggs.  I could easily do an entire dozen of eggs, with no breakage and they would be nice each time.  The problem is I found the baked version to be more difficult to peel.  Sure, they tasted great and looked great, but no one wants to get bogged down in boiling eggs.

Now, I have what I am calling an Instant Pot.  It really isn’t that exact brand, but it looks exactly the same so I am not convinced the name of my pressure cooker Ivation isn’t really just Instant Pot under another name.  So we’ll just call it an Instant Pot…All the controls are the same.

I have a 6-quart pressure cooker, and I use an egg rack.  There are two layers, but for this time, I used one layer of the egg rack.  Simply place the eggs in, add about a cup and a half of water to the bottom, and close it up.

There is nothing to be nervous about.  Once you close the lid, it won’t start up or explode unless you close it properly.  So close the lid, press the manual button, and select 8 minutes.

The pressure will initially build in the pressure cooker then the timer will start ticking down.  Once the timer exhausts the 8 minutes, you will hear a beep, and you can manually release the pressure.

At that point, I remove the eggs and place them in cold water for a few minutes.  Then I peel them – and they peel so easily.  The shells slide right off.  The best part of the whole process.  That and the eggs are PERFECT every single time, and none explode. Learn more about egg yolk color with this handy egg yolk color chart.

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