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KuDiff Cool Piggy Power Cube USB Charging Station

I can’t believe all the stuff we have that needs to be charged.  Every single day it seems to become more and more of a challenge.  It was enough of a struggle when it was cell phones for all six of us but then tablets, ipads, speakers, headphones, Echo Dots, laptops, Kindles, and now sneakers?  What next?  The list grows and grows.

So why not have a really cool USB charging station that also is a power strip?  This is a cute piglet power cube that will also make a great gift for anyone and everyone because goodness knows everyone needs to charge lots of stuff!  There are 8 outlets, 4 USB ports with a long 10 foot cable.  This is perfect for our family.  We never have all the devices plugged in at the same time but it isn’t uncommon to have a few charging at the same time.

Not only does this look great but it also will allow us to keep everything where we need it and can find it – no more panicking that the kids can’t find a place to charge or a charger – everything will now have a place.

Do you have a child in college?  This would be great for a college dorm room!  I plan to bring it to my office at work – totally not that boring old power strip!  This is so cool and would become a conversation starter for sure.

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