5 Tips to Saving Money When You Move to a New Home

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and exhausting. But let’s face it, moving to a new house is expensive and stressful. There are so many things you have to consider – first you have to sell your home and buy a home.  Check out We Buy Houses Pittsburgh for assistance. You have to scout for good and reputable movers like #1 Movers LA. You have to sort your things out for easier packing. And then you have to fix your new home so you can settle down comfortably. The stress is unavoidable, but the cost can be mitigated and one option is to contract with Commercial Movers NJ.  Here are 5 tips to saving money when you move to a new home.

  1. Move during off peak times

Whether you decide to hire a mover or do it yourself, moving during off peak times could save you tons. Weekends and holidays are usually peak days to move, which means moving rates could also go higher. More traffic on the road would mean more money to spend on gas as well. And then there’s the time wasted when you sit on traffic for hours on end. So be wise and save money by picking an off peak day to schedule your move.

  1. Buy a mattress online

One of the first things you need to fix as soon as you arrive home is your bedroom. You need to get at least a bed and your aircon or electric fan ready before you start unpacking everything else. Why? Because you want to be sure there’s rest waiting for you as soon as you get tired. Unpacking can take days and weeks to get get over with and having a bed ready on the first day of your move in essential. Pro tip? Order online on sites like SleepDelivered.com and make sure you have a mattress waiting for you on your first day of move.

  1. Figure out your moving budget

When planning for a move, most of the time we only cover the cost of moving but sometimes you may need to do things like rent storage. That’s the price of getting movers, hiring trucks or vans, and buying packing materials like boxes, tapes, and bubble wraps. But that’s not everything, there’s a hidden cost to moving to a new home that you won’t realize until you’re already there stressing about it. How’s the water and electricity? The plumbing and ceiling? There’s a cost to making sure everything is up an running before you move in and sometimes it gets neglected. Create a moving budget to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed by any additional costs you have to pay. How long do you need the moving service? How big a vehicle do you need? How many crew are you supposed to hire? Is your home ready and clean? Is the electrical wiring and water source working? Never move in without making sure your house is functional.

  1. Check the vents and air filters

As soon as you move in, make sure the vents are clean and the air filters are new. You don’t want to be worrying about this when one in your household gets sick. Replacing air filters are relatively easy. You just to need to replace the existing filter on your air conditioning unit or your furnace with a similar sized one. Just take note of the size of your filter and go the nearest hardware store to get new stocks. As for your vents, make sure they’re dust free and clear of any obstruction like big balls of dust and hair. Just peek into them and brush away anything unclean. This improves the air flow in your house and ensures your heating and cooling system aren’t working overtime because of the blockages.

  1. Check for any plumbing issues

Before settling in, make sure there are no existing plumbing issues. Check all the toilets, showers, sinks, and under-sinks for any sign of leaks and cracks on the pipes. Flush your toilet once and see if the water runs too long as it could cost you money. By making sure that your pipes and water system are running smoothly, you avoid any costly problems in the near future.

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