Metrology Services That Can Save You Money

When it comes to metrology services, many businesses rely on their own in-house equipment and software and the expertise of their own programmers and staff. But as industry watchers like Quality Digest have pointed out, even well equipped shops can benefit from visiting metrology professionals for help with certain applications.

Whether you need to measure a particularly large part or piece of equipment that your in-house Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) isn’t big enough to handle, or you want help with specialized jobs like reverse-engineering a blueprint from an existing part, professional metrology companies have the equipment, software and expertise that can deliver the measurement solutions you need.

Here are some of the measurement services from professional metrologists that most businesses will be able to provide. Quality control is the most important part of any manufacturing business, so it’s worth seeking out professional help for your most important measurement metrology jobs.

  1. Specialized Measuring

Most manufacturing businesses have used a CMM machine at some point in their production line, and may have one on their shop floor for quality control purposes. But specialized jobs require specialized equipment, and metrology specialists have access to the best in the business. This includes 3-D scanners, laser scanners, and white light technology as well as a range of different tactile probe measurement tools like gantry CMMs.

Some of these solutions may require parts to be sent to a service provider’s laboratory, while others can be met on-site. When considering a provider, be sure to find out how quickly they can turn a project around.  

  1. Contract Programming

Good programming is at the heart of metrology, and it is not uncommon for manufacturers who have their own metrology machines to require specialized programs or pathways written for new parts and new tech. Many providers also offer contract programming, which gives you access to metrology experts with a professional knowledge of the very latest software and the skills and know-how to design the right programs and applications.

  1. Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is a process by which an existing component or tool can be scanned using a laser scanner or using white light technology to create an engineering model capable of being exported to CAD. This CAD blueprint can then be used as the basis for manufacturing further parts that meet the exact same specifications.

This service is ideal for reproducing custom-made, rare, or out-of-production parts.

  1. Equipment Rentals

There are many circumstances in which all you need is a piece of metrology equipment for short-term use. Buying the equipment is needlessly expensive, but contracting the measurement out to a provider may be too time-consuming. In situations like these, it’s important to bear in mind that many metrology solutions providers also offer equipment rentals.

Whether you need a replacement CMM machine while yours is in the shop for calibration or repair, are waiting for capital approval to make a purchase, or simply have a short term requirement, getting in touch with a well-stocked metrology dealer like Mississauga-based Canadian Measurement-Metrology is a good way to find what you need.  

The needs of manufacturing operations are ever changing, and measurement solutions are no different. This is why you should save your business money and time by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of professional metrology providers.

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