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How We Cut The Cord and Ditched the Expensive Cable!

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I have heard stories of people eliminated cable for the last several years.  However, we have just never been leaders with these types of trends.  We like predictable and unchanged.  Ask my husband – if we never ever rearranged a room in our home for our entire lives I would be perfectly content.  Changes causes major anxiety for me.

However, with cable costs going up (and up and up) it was time to look at other options.  Prior to this change we only had the following:  Basic cable with digital channels and the additional sports channels.  That’s pretty much it.  When Game of Thrones is on, we would add HBO just for that season, approximately 8 weeks, then get rid of it again.  And for me, when Outlander comes on Starz – yeah, I definitely add Starz and get rid of that also when the season is over.  The cable companies are clearly struggling because they were not at all happy to receive a call from me to cancel cable – which tells me this is definitely the same conclusion many people are coming to.  Cable for TV and Dish for TV may soon become things of the past – they will fall by the wayside just like antennas of old…

For that minimal amount of cable we had, we were paying $279 per month, every single month and of course more when we would temporarily add Starz or HBO.  That cost also includes our high speed internet.  We already had Netflix for the last ten years and quite frankly spent most of our time on that anyway.  If you don’t already have Netflix you will need to consider that when getting rid of cable.  It certainly isn’t necessary but we love this streaming option.

We also have had Amazon Prime for so many years.  This has been amazing for so many reasons but for this purpose – Amazon Video!  There are so many made for Amazon shows that we see as well as watching so much more, free, with our Prime membership.  I will definitely have a separate post regarding all the benefits of Amazon Prime – I am truly not sure how to survive without it at this point.   Prime Video is only $8.99 per month and you get your first month free!  Click the banner below to get started!

Hulu is another great option.  This program has different plans:

Limited Commercial Plan $7.99/Month

No Commercial Plan $11.99/Month

Hulu with Live TV (Beta) $39.99/Month

Hulu with Live TV No Commercials (Beta) $43.99/Month

We started with the Hulu with Live TV option but changed to the limited commercial plan for $7.99 Month.  With all the other options we have available to us, we just didn’t need this additional resource.   You can check out Hulu on me !

Lastly, we have Sling – this is where we spend most of our time now.  It is most like a traditional TV experience.  There are blue plans and orange plans or you can get both – we have both.  Then you can also purchase other add-ons – whatever is best for you and your family.  I will point out that Amazon and Hulu also offer the purchase of premium plans (HBO etc…) and they all have the same pricing so if you are interested in those, it really doesn’t matter who you get it from.   If you sign up with Sling HERE – you will get $5 off your subscription for the next three months.  This is a great deal!  For use we purchase the Sports Extras – leaving cable was not going to be an option if my husband and son were no longer able to stream sports live.  Sling Orange is $19.99/Month; Sling Blue is $24.99/Month and both are $39.98/Month.  With Sling we are also able to get a local NBC station for weather and news and they do have other local options.

Note:  Hulu has some of the same types of add-ons as Sling so you will need to evaluate your needs and desires and which program can best meet them.  Also – if you need additional major network local options, your cable company may offer just the major network channels for a small fee – probably less than $10 per month, but we have not requested that option.

For all of these you will need some sort of stream device – we have Roku devices but there are so many others that also work such as Fire Sticks and right now you can get a Fire Stick for just $39.99.

Hulu also has a program where you can get a free Roku Express if you prepay for 2 months.  We already had our Roku devices though.

So what is the final tally?  I am not counting Amazon and Netflix since we have already had those for years.

Cable – $279 per month

NOW – High Speed Internet $70/Month; Sling $39.98/Month; Hulu $7.99/Month.

TOTAL SAVINGS $161.03 per month

 I can purchase alot of grain, hay and bedding for the horses with $161 more per month.


UPDATE:  So after a month with these changes we are almost perfectly happy.  I say almost because apparently with these combinations the first half of the Nascar season was not available for us to watch.  That just wasn’t acceptable.  We can give up alot but Nascar was an option to walk away from.  Good news though – we contacted our cable company and simply added back on the basic network channels for $15 per month and we now feel complete.  Still a savings of $146.03 per month – though we may give up Sling Orange and stick with just Sling Blue – that will easily recoup the cost of adding the network channels back on.  One thing at a time…


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