4 Excuses for Not Working Out (PLUS Fixes Every Girl Needs to Know)

Everybody wants to be fit and healthy and most of us dream of looking like Jen Selter, the Instagram fitness model with the famous behind. The problem is, skipping dessert, making sure you’re eating right, sweating it out for an hour or two on the daily, and repeating the same cycle over and over again is hard to do.

What’s worse, we justify our actions just to make ourselves feel less guilty when we slip. And we are great at finding excuses whenever we feel like skipping the gym.

Below is a fun list of common excuses I know I have used more than once! But don’t worry, we’re giving you the best fixes for them so you don’t miss a day of working out ever again.

1. I had a beer and pizza (and a slice of pie) by accident. I’m going to wait until Monday to get back to the gym.

Yeah, yeah, we always tell ourselves that it was an “accident”. The beer, pizza, and that slice of pie might have just fallen from the sky, straight to your mouth. That’s believable (not) but waiting until the start of the week or the month to get back to the gym is not going to work.

The best fix for a slip up: Just because you ate “bad foods” doesn’t mean you can’t work out lightly or continue to eat healthily!

Stay active for the rest of the day and get to the gym as soon as you can. Don’t let yourself fall into a cycle: one missed day can easily become two, two a week, and a week can very easily become a month.

Also, add in some vitamins and minerals in the form of freshly pressed juice to help you digest all that junk. Wicked Reviews has put together a great guide to help you find the best juicer for your budget.

2. I don’t feel like sweating today.

Was there ever a creature more emotional and fickle than a woman? Probably not. We all have those episodes where we don’t really feel like doing anything. We just don’t feel like it (end of story).

The best fix for the lack of motivation: You can always check out the profile of your favorite Instagram model for inspiration…

If that doesn’t work, try something different. If you’re normally a runner, go for a walk instead. If you usually sweat it out at the gym, try swimming or yoga. A change of workout environment usually does the trick.

3. I don’t feel so good. I’m probably coming down with something.

Maybe what you’re feeling is gym-itis. It’s a condition where you all of a sudden get an allergic reaction or ill-feeling right after you see your gym bag. Being sick (for real) is a valid reason for skipping the gym since your body needs to recuperate. Having gym-itis, on the other hand, is a different story.

The best fix for gym-itis: If you feel like you’re coming down with a cold, see if you can manage to exercise at home. Youtube is filled with exercise videos of any length. The best part? You can watch your favorite series while you work out!

4. I missed my waxing appointment. I look like I’m wearing furry leg warmers even though I am not.

Furry leg warmers – this is not a good look for anyone. You can always avoid this mishap, however, even if you missed your waxing appointment.

The best fix to furry legs: Invest the best epilator and make sure to use it every couple of weeks. That way you’re always gym ready! Or you can just wear a pair of long pants instead…

Now that you have finished reading this, you have no excuses to NOT go to the gym. Remember this: “It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.”

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