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This girl is the princess in the family.  Yup – she is true royalty… This is Xena Lee and she just finished celebrating her 8th birthday.  She is a very happy dog – and we love her dearly.  She has a great deal of energy and loves collecting her “babies” translated to dog toys…

One of the best ways we show her how much she means to us is spending so much quality time with her.  She loves her Xena Minutes!  What is a Xena Minute?   That is when we take her to a space and it is just she and her human – one human at a time – totally devoted to loving her.  When I give her a Xena Minute I call her into my bed and we simply snuggle for a minute – then we move on to whatever our next plan is for the day.  But believe me when I tell you – she loves her Xena Minutes.

Another way to show our love for her is through playing with her with her toys.  She has so many “babies”.  When she goes outside to the bathroom, she generally tries to run and grab one of her babies to take outside with her.  The trick is to remember that she took it outside so we can bring it back in.

One of the best things for our dog is a subscription to BarkBox!

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BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs that is completely customized based on the size of your dog.  This is perfect for us because Xena Lee totally loves treats and toys (aka babies).  Each box has 4-6 items  that are delivered right to your door each month.  I think we enjoy the surprises in the boxes just as much as she does.  The boxes generally include toys and treats but sometimes there are other surprises such as chews and hygiene products.  This particular box included two toys, two pouches of treats and a chew toy.

When you subscribe, the first box ships immediately and future boxes ship on the 15th of the month.  Each box follows a theme – this particular box’s theme was Paradise Unleashed.

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And guess what – if you pet doesn’t like something that is in the box,  donate the unwanted item or share with a fellow dog and reach out to customer service team via email, chat, phone, or social and BarkBox replace the item at no cost!  If there is something in the box that you absolutely love and want more of it – simply scroll to the bottom of the BarkBox page and click through to the BarkShop.

Sign up for BarkBox today!

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