Mailing a Greeting Card, Digitally

In a world where technology has made it so easy to stay in touch with our friends and family, why are we more disconnected from our loved ones than ever before. Due to our busy schedules or mobile lifestyles, often times we are too busy to make time for people around us or we don’t live close to our loved ones so we can’t be there for them in person, for their special days or life events, even if we want to. Luckily, technology has also made it possible to make them smile from miles away without really having to go out of our way to make it happen. We can now mail a physical card  directly to our friends and family online, without having to leave the house to drive to the store to pick up a card then go to the post office for a stamp to mail the card.

Sending our loved ones something small in the mail will not only lift their spirits but it will also set us apart from all those impersonal text messages or Facebook wall posts they get on their birthdays. There’s been studies of human psychology that found that making those around us happy can in turn make us feel joy and happiness. Even if you’re not an avid writer and need some help deciding what to write inside a birthday card, there are many sites that offer cute birthday wishes and quotes to put in a birthday card so that shouldn’t stop us from sending a card.

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