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Tool Upgrade Ideas For Larger Gardens & Smallholdings

If you have a larger garden or a smallholding, you can likely get plenty done with a small and basic selection of tools. A rake, a shovel, some shears, a strong wheelbarrow – basic garden equipment will go a long way to keeping land looking tidy, and helping plant vegetables and keep some animals. Even a few extra bits and pieces like battery chainsaws, grass and hedge trimmers, and the like can be extremely handy, especially if you happen to have some wooded areas as parts of your property.  For us, our most important tool is our chainsaw and we make sure it has the best chainsaw chain to get the job done well.  

Certain buildings are also very useful for having a large garden, or a smallholding. A shed or outbuilding is really useful for keeping stock and tools dry, and for external storage to your home. Polytunnels and greenhouses can help your vegetable or fruit growing thrive. You may also need additional buildings for keeping animals in, as well as fenced areas.

For some smallholdings and larger properties, becoming eco-friendly may be a goal with equipment purchases. Log boilers, solar panels, and other equipment for energy efficiency could be an amazing investment, and there are often government grants available to help with those costs.

If you’re new to your larger property, a large garden or a small farm or smallholding, you may feel a touch overwhelmed with knowing which types of tools you need to upgrade to. It can be hard to know what you will need, and which tools to invest in first. Always start this journey by asking yourself what will you use the tools for? Most gardens need a deer fence to keep them and other wildlife out, so consider tools that help you install deer fences easily. 

A Sit-On Mower

Tractors are the go-to vehicle of choice for many people with larger pieces of land or gardens and a small truck may also be a good choice if you’re looking to invest in a farm vehicle. However, if you are looking to just care for your land without really having to do any heavy-duty moving and lifting, then a sit-on mower will work perfectly well. You can easily get a second-hand mower for a fraction of the price of a new one, and keep all your grass in order. Just make sure you have a good air compressor to keep those tyres in good shape. This is especially true if you have tough terrain. You will also need a fuel injector according to the vehicle. One good example is d1570ba fuel injector.


Some sort of shed or outhouse is really useful when you have lots of tools and equipment. For security, those items are much safer locked away in a good quality shed or outbuilding especially with additional fencing by Cleveland Fence Companies. They will also last a lot longer when they aren’t exposed to the elements when they are not in use. You can buy a shed for a reasonable amount of money, but with all the tools you have, you might be better off building your own.

A Basic Trailer

Trailers are useful if you need to move things around that are larger or heavier than a wheelbarrow (and endless journeys pushing it!) will allow. For example, if you have livestock it is handy to just fill the trailer up with muck then move the muck to your muck heap in one journey. Or if you need some fuel for the fire, you can easily move it from your log pile to your house. It is a massive help and cuts a lot of work and time down that you can spend in more productive ways.

Brush Cutter

This is essential for an Australian smallholding because while a hedge trimmer deals with soft grass, you’ll need a brush cutter cuts brush and thicker, dryer products that need a little more strength to get through them. You’ll need a brush cutter if you have any extensive wooded areas on your property. Otherwise is simply makes things so much easier in a dryer, harsher climate.  It is also best to get a wood chipper from a long list of chipper shredders online. As Bill Allen of OccupyTheFarm reported, these devices are used to chop wood into chips as well as shredding leaves into mulch, making it easy to clear your garden of all debris and dispose of waste responsibly.

Livestock Trailer

If you plan to keep animals on your property, you have to have a livestock trailer. You can pick them up and move them around easily, and also keep them safe. It is also essential for emergency trips to the vets, or last-minute decisions to move them around. You can move them with a truck or large vehicle but they may leave a mess, and it isn’t always the best way to move an animal who is flighty or nervous. The trailer will also be handy for moving things like furniture or other large items.


Handcarts are four-wheeled and are a lot more sturdy than a wheelbarrow. They can carry large weights over very uneven ground and are incredibly well priced as a beginner tool for smallholding.

Manure Spreaders

If you are wanting to save on hauling waste and would like to be as off-grid as possible, a manure spreader will be useful. It will also help to keep the ground fertile. Animal waste accumulates very quickly, so it is essential to invest in a manure spreader before you invest in livestock unless you want to pay for waste removal. Spreading manure on land can also help to decrease the environmental impacts of less eco-friendly manure removal as long as it is spread at the correct times.

Assorted Tools

You will need a real bank of tools for various jobs around the smallholding. Fencing tools, electric tools, garden tools – you’ll find you build-up a real selection of tools for your smallholding over time. In the very beginning, it is a good idea to attend local house sales and yard sales and to buy and borrow from neighboring smallholdings, so you can buy what you need as you need it. You will need some basic tools like an electric drill and decent hammers and screw sets initially, but you will learn as you go and don’t need to buy everything ‘just in case.

So if you run an existing farm, or are looking to invest in some land to farm, or enjoy for lifestyle purposes, you will need to invest in some tools and equipment. The basic need to simply manage the land will dictate you have a basic selection of tools. From there on in, you can build your tools and equipment based on how you want to use your land.


  • Sally Gearhart

    We are currently looking for a new home on some land and this will be a first for us but i can hardly wait! I already love gardening and being in my flowerbeds but i want more. This is an extremely helpful post and things i hadn’t thought of so thanks soo much for sharing!

  • Barbara Riffe

    I have 2 lots in the country. All of it is on a slant, so mowing and just walking around it is lots of exercise. Being on a slant takes extra effort for me. I have all the equipment , just need more energy.

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