How To Lift Yourself Back Up

The world is changing but addiction has always been an issue.  I am fortunate that it isn’t something I have had to deal with but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been impacted by addiction.  I have three adopted children – one of them was born into an addictive situation and it will impact her forever.  But in the course of preparing to adopt we saw so many situations where addiction had taken over peoples’ lives.  I advocate for those persons – they need assistance and they need a way to get their lives on track before they lose all that is important to them.  In our case, our child’s biological parent did eventually, decades later, seek assistance and has turned her life around but I am sure she would tell you, it wasn’t easy.

So what exactly is addiction?  Addiction is a compulsive act which causes harm to a person and those around them and results in the person losing control.  It is considered a mental illness and treatment can actually be quite similar with therapy, medication and lifestyle changes.  Some common treatments include drug therapy, other therapies such as music and art, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient treatment programs, support groups and lifestyle changes.  Resources are available such as Addiction Treatment in Cleveland, Ohio.

Addiction can be to drugs or alcohol – but what are some signs you can watch for with loved ones?

  • Changes in appearance
  • Loss of appetite
  • Changes in personal hygiene or lack of…
  • Memory Loss
  • No longer interested in social activities that they loved before
  • Borrowing or stealing money without explanation
  • Secretive behavior
  • Different friends, activities and a general move away from long time friends
  • Has their personality changed with things like major mood swings
  • Are they really high or happy then really low and sad
  • Changes to physical health such as headaches, nosebleeds, seizures and more
  • Do they suddenly seem to fear and distrust for no apparent reason

Assistance is available through outpatient treatment programs as well as inpatient programs – and seek it as soon as possible.  Waiting longer than necessary makes change even more difficult.

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