Easy Foldup Camping Table #CampingTable

We camp seasonally in Maine and have for 9 years now – seems like forever.  RV camping is so much fun – if you haven’t tried it, you should.  You don’t need to buy an RV, you can rent one and drive it there or most campgrounds actually have RVs on site that you can rent.  That is how we started – renting an RV on site and we were hooked.

But camping life is very different than life at home.  At home we tend to spend most of our time in the house or at the barn with our horses.  At the campground – we pretty much only sleep in the camper unless the weather is poor for some reason.  We are by the campfire, cooking on the grill, playing with friends, at the beach, pools, hiking, biking and more.  Always stuff to do.

As a result – our focus is on outdoor furnishings rather than indoor.  This foldup camping table is our newest furnishing and it is awesome.  We already had a foldup table that collapses all the time – not sure why it has lasted all this time because I hate it.  This one is definitely a keeper.  It is much larger and much more sturdy than any foldup table we have ever had.  It is also not very heavy – just 14 pounds and it can hold up to 120 pounds!

I had no problem at all setting up this table.  There is a netting that can be hung below the table but at the moment we are not using it.  The table is not wobbly at all and can easily be used for us to serve food on, eat on or even place a tabletop grill on.

The table sets up very quickly and is taken down just as quickly.  All too often I can set something up quickly but taking it down takes forever – not with this table!

The net basket below can come in quite handy – I am just not using it at this moment.  But I will end up putting it on for grill utensils etc…


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