Mythical Slyme – Unicorn Sweat, Kiss, Dreams and Tears GIVEAWAY


Remember the days of making slime with Borax?  Well guess what – we have learned that Borax is extremely bad for us especially when children are digging their hands right into it to make their favorite concoction.

NO MORE!  Now we can have incredibly cool slimes through Mythical Slyme!  They have so many really cool slimes that are either focused on unicorns or potty humor.  My husband is an elementary school principal – potty humor is very much a way of life for him on a daily basis.  He finds a way to weave snot, boogers and poop into so many conversations.  The kids LOVE it!  Yup he is the cool principal for sure.

Mythical Slyme has so many ooey, gooey putty tins to choose from.  I have a sample to show you just how awesome they are.   They have both putty and slimes – The main difference between slime and putty is that slime dries out and is stretchier while putty never dries out and tends to be firmer.  So technically I will be showing you putty!

The opaque colors are tougher and need less TLC to stay pretty. The clear colors will return to clear and glossy if you let them sit in the tin after playing. The pink one can make farting noises if you press your fingers / fist into the bucket quickly. These slimes have incredible stretch – try standing up and letting them stretch out like creating a pizza crust and see how big and thin it will get before breaking.

Unicorn Sweat – For when you want clear putty but EXTRA.

Gathered from the sweat of 1000 unicorns brows, this clear putty is like no other. Crystal clear and sticky, it shines with a lavender light from within. Capturing the sweat was a true labor of love, but the results truly shine. Hold it up and turn it around in the light to see the magic of lights dancing inside the putty.

Unicorn Dreams – What does a unicorn dream of?

Is it growing from a young, gawking foal to a full-grown creature with a family of two mini unicorns of their own? Is it to become the next greatest singing unicorn on YouTube, plucked from obscurity like Justin Bieber? Or does a unicorn find faith in merely living in each magical moment as if it’d be their last, content and at one with the world?

Like smoke trapped inside a glass, this slime lets you see beneath the skin. Play with it, and the color wavers from emerald to grass green with a galaxy wound in between.

Dreams are sweet, young one. Hold tightly to them.

Unicorn Kiss – Ever experience the kiss of a unicorn? You’re missing out.

Filled with magical, blush-inducing essence, a Unicorn’s kiss makes you putty in their hooves. More importantly, the heat of your skin turns this purple slime a vibrant hot pink hue. Trust us. It’s pretty magical.

It’s important to point out that Unicorn Kiss also has a big shot of glittery goodness throughout. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Unicorn Tears – There is no sadder thing than to see such a majestic and magical creature tear up. Yet we endured this agony to bring you the world’s first unicorn tear slime. (We had to park a few volunteers in front of Lifetime movies for several days with test tubes.)

And what a beaut! With rainbow-colored sparkles suspended in a clear base, it’s like confetti and rainbows and liquid glass and long weekends all in one 3 oz tin.

You hands will never hold a more beautiful item ever again.

Each canister of putty has the following disclaimer – Ethically harvested from only the finest unicorns. 100% cruelty-free. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this product.



One lucky The Stuff of Success reader will win a choice of one of these Unicorn Putties (slyme).  The prize will be sent directly to the winner from the sponsor. Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping.  The giveaway will run until 05/31/18 at 11:59pm EST. Any taxes or other charges that may be part of the prize are the winner’s sole responsibility.  The giveaway is open to United States residents over age 18. We reserve the right to cancel any giveaway. No purchase is necessary. One entry per person per household.  This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.



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