So You Want To Be A Freelancer

Life changes… Just when you think you have it all figured out, a change comes along and you re-evaluate.  I am a person who loves change.  When I was a child I would have been considered ADHD for sure if that was a thing when I was younger.  I was just considered the wild child… The child who wouldn’t color within the lines and definitely was not going to color grass green – I would color grass purple just because I could and I refused to let someone tell me grass had to be green.   My parents really did try to go with the flow with me but I went to Catholic School – they are totally not “go with the flow” type of people.

When I went to high school I wanted to be an accountant – I really don’t know why other than I loved math.  No subject made me happier.  But then I took my first accounting class – YUCK!  Nope, not accounting.  Next up – I wanted to become an actuary.  I sat for the first actuarial exam and thought to myself – really?  In this day and age a computer does all of this stuff and these calculations – why am I spending thousands of hours studying how to do it all manually.  Nope, not an actuary.  I went to school for Justice and Law Administration.  Life happened again, my parents got divorced; I could no longer afford school and came home.  I will say I think this was where my true calling was but sometimes it doesn’t matter and you move on.  I ended up with degrees in business – MBA.  That was totally not my calling but it allowed me to get a good career until I figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Then… I earned a Ph.D. in Natural Health.  GREAT right?!  It was until the school went belly up, no one heard of it anymore and no one trusted the degrees.  Moving on… Still working in business, I started blogging.  At first I start blogging to chronicle the lives of the three children we had adopted.  It was all about them.  Through this process I decided it was a great outlet for me and my ambitions, goals and dreams.  My blog became my passion – it consumed me and my life.  Not in a bad way – everything is on my blog.  Well, most everything.  I try to stay away from heartbreaking personal stuff – I write about the kids, our family, our pets and so much more.  But for example we recently lost my father and my husband’s father – both really have taken a huge toll on us. I took a bit of time away from blogging to grieve for them but never really incorporated these painful times into my writing until this very moment.

For a long time I would only write for others.  But now I write alot for me.  I now have multiple blogs and even my 13 year old daughter has started one.  We write because we love it.  As a result, the natural transition for me has been to move into the world of freelancing.  I consider myself an entrepreneur – I work a full time job but all my entrepreneurial activities allow me to own horses, practically what seems like a herd at this point; they allow me to provide for my children’s special needs – anything we need for them, we are able to get.  And I am always looking to expand my skills, projects, etc… I am still about as ADHD as a person can get.  Ask my husband – he doesn’t even try to keep up with me anymore.


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