Five Ways to Calm Down Before Bedtime

If you find yourself lying in bed for a long time before you go to sleep, you may need to carve out some time to calm down before bedtime. Besides taking Sleep Support Supplements if you need them, there are things you can do to calm your nerves and prepare yourself for a peaceful night’s sleep. Look at a few suggestions.

Listen to Classical Music

Listening to classical music can help you de-stress and calm down before you go to bed. If you have headphones, you can put them on to listen to a CD. Or, tune your radio to a classical music station and lie down to listen for a while. The softness of the instruments and the blending melodies can help to ease your nerves and get you in the right mindset to rest.

Watch a Funny Video

Watching a funny video may seem like it would excite your senses right before bedtime. But, when you laugh, you’re releasing the stresses of the day. Once those are gone, it’s much easier to lay your head on a pillow and let sleep take over for a few hours.

Take a Leisurely Walk

Before you turn in for the night, try taking a short walk around your neighborhood. But, don’t go at a quick pace. Instead, walk in a leisurely way admiring the trees, homes, businesses or whatever sights there are to see in your neighborhood. Listen to the birds calming down for the night and notice the subtle way flowers and trees change as dark approaches. A walk like this can soothe your nerves and get you focused for a night of healing sleep.

Take a Warm Bath

When you take a warm bath, it helps to loosen tight muscles as well as soothe sore ones. In short, a warm bath relaxes your body preparing you for the next step which is sleep. If you have a very physical job or you spent the day working in the garden or shoveling snow off driveways, a warm bath will be especially helpful in relaxing you. Putting fragrances in your bath water can help prompt feelings of calmness. Lavender is a good fragrance if you want to calm down quickly. Vanilla and jasmine are other fragrances great for soothing your nerves for the evening. Be sure to check the ingredients of these bath oils so you don’t choose any that will irritate your skin.

Write in a Journal

Writing in a journal before bedtime gives you the opportunity to release any negative thoughts or stressful situations that occurred during the day. Your journal is there to take those stresses from you, so you can rest and be fresh for the next day.

Lastly, these are five ways to relax before going to sleep. You may have a quiet activity you love such as painting, writing letters or reading. These can all help you to feel at ease before turning off the light to go to sleep. As a note, stop drinking caffeine-filled beverages about six hours before going to bed. It takes a while for the effects of caffeine to wear off, so you want to have as little in your system as possible before bedtime.

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