Reusable Food and Drink Pouch – Perfect For Summer Travels

We travel a great deal – and with the traveling it always means some sort of food and beverage in the vehicles alot.  We always start out by trying to say there will be no food or drinks in the car today… Until someone or everyone starts freaking out that they are dying of thirst or starving to death…

One of my favorite ways of dealing with this constant need for food and drink is to prefill our new reusable food and drink pouches.  They are so easy to fill through a ziplock style opening, seal it up tight then drink from the spout.

The ziplock works perfectly and keeps anything from leaking out – no messes in my cars or in anyplace else.  Each pouch can hold up to 10 ounces of food or beverage.  Our favorite thing to take with us is smoothies or freshly juiced juices.

These are definitely not limited to the kids – got an adult beverage you’d like to take camping?  This is definitely the product for you.  It is quite versatile and easy to clean afterwards through that large ziplock opening.  If you have a dishwasher, the pouch can go right in the dishwasher – I don’t so it is just as easy to clean by hand.

You can pick up a food and drink pouch for yourself on Amazon.  The set is a set of 10!

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