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SensaCalm – A Weighted Blanket to Calm and Relax

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SensaCalm is the “home of the original affordable weighted blanket.  They make therapeutic products for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Restless Legs Syndrome, Aspergers, ADD/ADHD, Dementia, Alzheimers, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and more.

Our daughter (age 9) struggles with sleep.  She has difficulties falling asleep but more importantly has difficulties staying asleep.  There is always something on her mind and she always has plans that she tries to follow through on – even at 4am (if we are lucky – sometimes it is as early as 2am). But clearly she is always exhausted, never refreshed which causes multiple issues throughout the day.

SensaCalm weighted blankets help you or your child sleep through the night; Ease anxiety and stress; Ease restlessness and irritability in the elderly; prevent  or short-circuit a meltdown; and improve focus and ease transitions.  
These weighted blankets are machine washable and dryable; weighted with non-toxic, hypoallergenic polypropolene poly pellets; weight is evenly distributed across the entire blanket; weights are permanent and are meant to be left in, even during washing.  The standard fabrics are 100% cotton, but almost any fabric can be special ordered.  
Blankets are custom made after the order is placed.  If you didn’t place a custom order, the order will ship immediately.  The website contains information about manufacturing times.  
     Small for cribs and toddlers
     Medium for children up to 64 inches
     Adult Length for users up to 74 inches
     Full size 54″ x 80″
     Queen 60″ x 80″
     Lap Pad 12″ x 18″

SensaCalm also makes other products such as weighted belts, weighted vests, soothing weighted snakes, white noise machines, calming epsom soap, twiddle muffs etc… Their products are amazing especially the weighted blanket for autism


Sephora has been sleeping with her weighted blanket for more than a year now. Since the initial first few weeks she no longer uses it to fall asleep – she falls asleep consistently and easily.  It is definitely still the “go to” blanket when she wakes up between 2am and 4am though.  The blanket is always on her bed but is now pulled out when she feels she can’t get back to sleep or calm down enough to sleep.  Sometimes she even drags it all the way into our room and climbs into our bed with it.  

The blanket is 10 pounds and approximately 38″ x 62″.  

This photo shows you the seams and how well constructed it is.  The lighting in the living room didn’t quite portray how blue this blanket is.  
Then we have peaceful sleep!  
And no, she is definitely not faking and totally sleeping through the camera flash!
(and yes that is an inside out pillowcase on her pillow – she says it is more comfortable that way)
See how cute she is?!

When you place an order on their website there is the following chart to use as your guide:

When you are between weights – you go to the next higher weight.  In my daughter’s case she is 74 – so for 80 pounds, it is a 10 pound blanket allowing .051 pounds of pressure per square foot.

There are character fabrics, patterns, gallery fabrics and supreme solids.  So many options to choose from but remember – you can even customize the product with just about any fabric you want!



It is now 4 years later and our daughter is 13 years old.  Being 13 involves far more stress than at 9 and she still struggles to navigate through stressful situations.  However, in times when comfort is needed she still turns to her SensaCalm blanket.  Four years later it looks just as new as the day we originally got it.  I have tried “borrowing” it from her several times with no success – she would not tolerate a transfer of possession.  I do get to borrow it while watching television sometimes – guess I need to be happy with that.  We even bring it camping with us!  It has traveled just as much as we have!

How can you get one?  Click HERE

If you know anyone that has a special needs child – this may help “make all the difference.”


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  • Karlton Kemerait

    Actually we were the first company to use the concept of pressure or lbs/square foot for weighted blankets. Secondly the “pressures” in the chart above are incorrect..someone needs a remedial math course or needs to learn how to calculate lbs/square foot.

    – Karlton
    Red Barn Blankets

  • Karlton Kemerait

    Also, here is a snippet from the FAQ on your website dated June 6th 2017 on how to choose the correct weight (notice NOTHING about pressure or about percent of body weight).

    “Your best option is to ask your occupational therapist for a recommendation. If that is not an option, we recommend using the following formula: For a small blanket take 10% of their body weight plus one pound. For a medium blanket take 10% of their body weight plus two pounds. For an adult-length blanket take 10% of their body weight plus three pounds. These recommended weights are shown as you make your weight selection.”

  • angie

    love the sound of this so many children suffer with endless nights not being able to sleep. This I hope helps them all find relief and comfort thanks for sharing

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