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Canvas Champ Helps Us Preserve Memories

In the last year we have had some major hardships – the most recent of those hardships is the loss of my father in law.  My inlaws have lived with us for the last 15 years – more than half of my married life.  Our youngest two children do not of what life was like “before” because meme and pepe have always lived with us – it’s just the way it’s always been.  To them it was just like living with mom and dad.

And then, he was gone.  He had been getting sicker and sicker and although we assumed his passing was going to happen within a year or so, it happened within two weeks of that thought.  Just one day – he failed quickly and over the next four days we all, the entire extended family, stood by his side 24/7 providing him the comfort of his family that he wanted so much.

Throughout all of that we put together volumes and volumes of some of all of our favorite photos.  That doesn’t even take into account the volumes of images still on everyone’s phones that never ever got printed – which happens far too often nowadays.  Some photos just stand out as precious.  One of my favorite photos was of pepe with our youngest daughter – they were always copying one another and always up to some antics.

The best thing to do with an image like that is to memorialize it in some way and that is exactly what we did for our daughter through Canvas Champ.  You see, Canvas Champ has this awesome 12×12 zippered pillow!

These Canvas Champ photo throw pillows are 100% washable and durable.  The pillow has a silky feeling zippered case – this case is where you put a photo image by simply uploading it on their website.  The inside is a more typical soft pillow that fluffs open fully to fit within the case.  The pillow is available also in other sizes – ours is 12×12.

This pillow brought back happy and sad memories for our daughter and she will treasure it always.  The pillow is 80% polyester and 20% cotton.

Right now you can get 10% off your own custom photo pillow with coupon code:  PILLOW10.

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