Half Dome Waterproof Sleeping Pad

I love this time of year – we get to spend more and more time outside!  The fresh air, the warm weather, cookouts, hiking, biking, camping and so much more.

When I was younger and we would spend time outside, especially to sleep, I would literally just lay a blanket on the ground and sleep on it or even on a rare occasion my friends and I would just curl up on a piece of grass and sleep all night long.  I remember doing that by the lake one time and we didn’t wake up until beach goers started making too much noise.  Ah to be young again.

But now, I am a lot less young and my bones cannot handle laying on the bare ground anymore.  With a bit of arthritis I need to make some changes and those changes do include needing an appropriate pad so I can still do all that I want to do.

Is this pad comfortable?

First this special waterproof sleeping pad comes in this nice little duffle and takes up very minimal space.  This is very lightweight, small and perfect for indoors or outdoors.  I have rested on it on our deck, used it camping and even in the middle of our living room when I just wanted to lay down and watch a movie – fell asleep as soon as I laid down!

How to fill

To fill the sleeping bag, all I need to do is step on it with my foot – even my kids can do it!  There is no smell to this pad.  Some other pads have a smell making them impossible to actually sleep on.  This pad is perfect and definitely keeps me comfortably off any damp, dirty, cold surface.

Then when I am done – it is just as easy to remove air, roll up and place back in the duffle bag.

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