Better Than A Car Seat – So Much More Comfortable With RideSafer @USFG

The Problem

If you have never had three young children (or more) in carseats at the same time, you need to know – THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!  Let’s put aside all the struggles of just having three young children and focus on car seats.  Life is just grand if your vehicle is a large size, SUV or something huge.  But what about those of us who have something much smaller?  We have a PT Cruiser and literally bought it years ago when we had two young children in car seats and an older child who was not in a car seat any longer.  Out of all the small economical vehicles we tried, that literally had the widest back seat.

Scroll forward about ten years and now my 24 year old daughter is using the car and has children 4 months, 2 years and 4 years old.  Yup – not only three car seats in the back but one of them is a huge infant car seat.  I searched and searched for an alternative solution and the best scenario was to find something different for my 4 year old grandson since he is the one getting completely squished into a small space.

The Solution

The RideSafer® Travel Vest is just what we needed -literally.  It is designed for ages 3 and up so when our 2 year old grandson turns 3 – getting a second one will make a world of difference in that backseat.  Not only that, it is completely portable, easy to carry, has it’s own backpack and weighs so little even the youngest child can carry their own travel vest.  This ultimately makes it the perfect solution for traveling on planes, taxis, jumping into a friends car who doesn’t have a car seat and so much more.

As a grandparent this is easy because I can just grab the vest when our grandson comes over – no major deal to move car seats.  No more work than putting on a t-shirt.  If you happen to not have a car and need to rely on taxis or Uber then this is perfect.  You never have to worry about not having your child properly secured and safe.  For us, squishing three in a row and giving them a bit more space means a whole lot less of the arguments that can easily happen when everyone is in the other person’s bubble.

I totally wish this existed when my 17 year old was in car seats.  He is autistic and would constantly let himself out of the car seat.  I can’t even count how many times I had to pull over to put him back in.  I called manufacturer after manufacturer looking for some sort of solution that I could still get him out of his car seat – but he couldn’t.  Dead end after dead end.  This would have been perfect AND he hated car seats so it would have been exactly what we needed.

What’s so great about the RideSafer Travel Vest?

  • The vest position’s the seat belt directly onto our child so it moves with him and is always positioned properly and positions the lap belt below his abdomen!
  • The shoulder belt is always away from his neck which keeps him from escaping from the shoulder portion.  I always find him tucking the shoulder strap out of the way making it completely ineffective.
  • Lowers the child’s center of gravity which changes crash dynamics reducing head and knee injuries.
  • Meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards crash test requirements.

This vest also has the option of purchasing the additional headrest and since my grandson is constantly falling asleep in the car(s), this is definitely an asset for us.

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