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Car Wash Brush Cleaning Tool

We have recently been trying to save some money and we are looking at all of our expenses.  It isn’t that we have a ton of frivolous expenses but we do have four horses that we want to do what is best for and we do like to camp in northern New England.  After literally spending two decades of our married life without taking a vacation together, we do everything we can to keep from losing any of those.

Additionally, our household is a multigenerational household with four generations.  If we don’t take advantage of savings when we find them then it is just a true waste of money.  With everyone in our house there are six vehicles.  If we paid for a car wash every now and then for each of them it would cost a small fortune.  Car washes are not cheap even if you do it yourself by paying with the quarter sprayers.

My solution is this Car Wash Brush Cleaning Tool.  Now we can wash all of our vehicles at home as much as we want.  This car wash cleaning tool does not any electricity yet it has an automatic rotation water outlet.  The water flows into the pipe and highly pressurized water pushes the gear and it works automatically.

It has a rotary mop design with a soft blue chenille brush head – soft as can be and perfectly safe for the finish on your car.  It absorbs alot of water and protects the paint.

It sprays foam just like the expensive car washes.  Use it to wash your car but it can also be used to clean things like the floor, windows, and even as a sprinkler.

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