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Silicone Dish Drying Mat

What do you put under your dish rack?  I don’t have a dishwasher so I still do dishes by hand – I actually don’t mind.  Technically I have a dishwasher (portable) in the closet but I have literally never used it even once.  It is just easier to wash them and get it done.

I have been using a dish towel under my dish rack but I hate that because they can stay damp and then get moldy.  No one wants mold under their dishes and in this crazy heat lately it gets moldy in one night – doesn’t matter what we do.

This Caresby Black Dish Drying Mat is definitely the answer.  First it is silicone and that doesn’t get moldy.  It is easy to clean and the ribbed design allows the water to drain rather than sit there soaking into a towel.  It is also a large size so it can handle the large dish rack (or any size dish rack) without difficulty.  Once the dishes are dry it can easily be rolled up and put away.

Additionally, this mat can be used as a baking mat – though I haven’t tried it.  I can give a crisp cooking experience without a frying pan.  It is heat resistant up to 470°.  The fat and grease sink to the bottom due to the ridges so it is a much healthier baking experience.

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