The Top 6 Doctor-Recommended Remedies For Back Pain Relief

Back pain is a problem that nearly everyone experiences at some point in life. It can range from mild discomfort to chronic pain that interferes with a person’s professional and personal life. In as much as this condition can be bothersome, relief can be found in different ways.

In most cases, back pain is common among adults with nearly 80% of adults experiencing it at least once in their lives and assistance should be sought from doctortoyou. It can be at the upper, lower or middle of the back. The back has the spine and muscles meant to aid in supporting the weight of the body when seated or standing. We use these muscle when moving and even when lying down.

Different doctors may recommend different solutions to help relieve the back pain, but the best remedies are those that offer long-term answers to the back pain problem. With that in mind, below are six of the best doctor-recommended back pain relief remedies worth knowing and trying and I often start with a chiropractor north scottsdale as my first line of defense for relief.  

  1. Correct Posture

Slouching when seated strains the neck, shoulders, and the back resulting in aching muscles. Today, office furniture manufacturers are keen on creating products based on ergonomics that provide appropriate support and encourage the right posture and seated making it so important to do exercises for forward head. But other than sitting, it also is possible to be in the wrong posture when standing, walking, or sleeping and all these are also factors that contribute to the back pain. Therefore, maintaining the correct posture playing a significant role in relieving and preventing injuries and back related problems.  Using a posture corrector can go a long way in correcting this issue.

  1. Get The Muscles Moving

Exercising promotes physical health. It is good for the mind and body. You can engage in different exercises that can aid in treating and prevent back pain. Things such as jogging and running are a fantastic way of working your body muscles and getting in shape. They can also help relieve back pain.

However, most doctors hail low-impact activities such as swimming to be highly effective because they tend to loosen tense muscles and promote the release of endorphins in the brain that at the body’s natural answer to pain. Doctors recommend that you come up with a workout program that includes strength training as well as stretching the muscles and body tissues to that you can have nibble muscles that are flexible, healthy, and strong.

  1. Use Heat And Cold

The use of a hot water bottle or cold press such as an ice pack can help relieve back pain. The doctors may recommend that use of OTC (over-the-counter) heating pads or the use of a hot water bottle or any other item that will be hot enough to be used directly on the affected area of the back. But the use of heat should be done with caution to avoid burning the skin and causing other problems.

Regarding the use of cold items to alleviate back pain, health practitioners can recommend the use of ice pack or frozen foodstuffs which are place over the aching section of the back to numb it and ease the pain.

It is important to clarify that these mostly offer short-term solutions that primarily focus on minimizing the pain. When used as part of the treatment process, they are mainly used together with other remedies that provide long-term answers to back pain issues.

  1. Pain Medication

Regarding pain medications, the doctor can prescribe oral meds and pain-relief ointments that can be purchased online or at a local pharmacy. In most cases, the oral medicines are recommended when dealing with chronic back pain and will be used together with pain-relief creams that are massaged on the aching back. The use of the pain patches from while exercising is an effective way of dealing with back pain issues that even promises to have long-term answers.

  1. Switch Shoes

Sometimes what we wear (the shoes) directly affects your physical health leading to different complications that include back strain and pain. For instance, women who switch to high-heels experience back pain because the shoes offset the body’s natural alignment. Ladies that wear such shoes for an extended period during the day are more prone to have back related issues compared to the women who wear flat shoes or footwear with a short heel. Other than this, wearing tight-fitting shoes or a pair that does not offer adequate support has also been found to strain the muscles in the legs and back. Doctors recommend switching the footwear if you experience recurrent back pain.

  1. Get Enough Rest

The body is designed to work for a particular period and rest of specified period. Failure to adhere to this by pushing the body to off-set is systems results in one complication or the other. Back pain can be attributed to the lack of enough rest or sleeping in a posture that strains the back tissues and muscles. Doctors recommend the use of extra pillows when sleeping for persons who have chronic back pain. The pillows can be placed between the knees to provide additional support.

If you get adequate sleep and rest, your body can have a better response to the pain. The lack of sleep lowers the body’s tolerance to pain. Some of the things that can affect a person sleep leading to the lack of enough rest include working the body, laying on uncomfortable pillows or mattress, or sleeping in a position that strains the muscles and body.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, resting on a mattress that provides ample support to ensure you are comfortable and the back in aligned is vital to getting a good night’s sleep and avoiding back pain. The pillow should also offer adequate support and ensure that the neck and back are aligned.

Extra Tip:

Besides the above remedies recommended to people who experience back pains, the doctors may also advise the patients to avoid things that can trigger spasms and cause the muscles to tense. According to research, long-term stress and tension can have a traumatic effect on the muscles, especially those at neck and back. Trying to live a stress-free life and employing stress-relief techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, and yoga can help lower the risk of back pain as well as offer relief.

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