The Secret To Pet Photos

Pet Photos

This year I have decided to do a black and white photo a day – every single day of 2018.  The majority of my photos end up being pet photos of my gorgeous dog – Xena Lee, one or more of our horses.  They are all naturals for photos.  For the most part they all are hams in front of the camera except for our Newfoundland who is constantly more interested in the “bee in the window”.

The Woofie is the answer to our pet photos struggles.  It is available in three colors – but just what is it?  It is a simple silicone clip that attaches to any smartphone or tablet.  Simply attach it and put a nice little dog treat in it to captivate the attention of your pet.

It is so easy to use and works great.  Our dog was following us very closely – anxiously waiting for her special treat.  It is available in gray, green or pink.

As you can see our dog is very focused on my daughter and anxiously waiting for her to take the pet photos so she can have her treat.

There you have it – our Xena Lee’s gorgeous smile!

Check out the Woofie for yourself and grab the best pet shots!

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