5 Ways to Better Meet Your Retirement Goals

When it comes to planning for the future, nothing is more important than setting yourself up for a financially secure retirement.

While it can seem a long way off, that is no reason to put it off. Developing a goal and working towards that goal is not as difficult as it sounds.

Here are some ways to get started to meet your retirement goals.

  1. Have a plan. You don’t know what to aim for if you don’t know what you will need. Sit down and write down how much you estimate you will need to live comfortably each month. Most experts say you will need to have 70-80 percent of your current annual income to sustain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement.
  2. Next, decide where that money will be coming from. Are you drawing from RRSPs, other savings, a government pension? Work out how much you need to personally contribute to your monthly income to live comfortably.
  3. Select the best investments. When you have a solid idea of how much you will need to save, you can start to plan out some investments that will help you get there. The major investments include stocks, bonds and short-term reserves. Where you decide to put your money will depend on how comfortable you are with risk and how much time you have until you retire.
  4. Review your strategy often. Life is fluid and things are always changing. So, be sure to check over your retirement saving strategy regularly. This will help keep you on track and gives you an opportunity to make adjustments when things change, such as getting a raise or promotion, which can mean you set even more aside for retirement.
  5. Expect to reduce when you retire. When you retire, your financial situation will change in more than one way. Aside from not working anymore, you may decide to downsize and sell your home. You should also expect to be free of debt, which can be a big expense. If you are hoping to get your debts paid faster, consider consolidating them into one loan. Companies like SkyCap Financial have developed an online application procedure that helps you access funds quickly. All of these changes can lead to more money in your pocket.
  6. Work longer. It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone is able to save enough money to stop working in their early 60’s. This means you can work a few extra years before you fully retire, using that extra income to beef up your savings. You can also opt to work a part-time job to help ease the financial shortfall. Alternatively, if you find yourself needing money quickly, short-term loans like the ones offered by organizations such as SkyCap Financial can help you stay afloat.


No matter what your retirement goals or plans are, set yourself on a course of savings early. Determine which investments fit you by estimating how much money you will need, what kind of risk you want to take and how long you have until you want to start drawing on your funds. With a solid plan, some financial finesse and a flexible spirit, meeting your goals of a happy, financially secure retirement is possible.


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