So You Want To Start A Food Blog

So You Want To Start A Food Blog

I have been telling and showing people how to become a blogger for years.  In fact my daughters have both finally caught the “bug” and one is taking the business very seriously.  The other – well she is still just in her teens – perfect time to start but she has so many other interests so far.

Deciding to start a blog is a huge step and the next huge step – and most important step – is choosing a niche.  So let’s say you choose to be a food blogger and have your very own food blog.  What exactly is your vision?  There are so many ways to blog about food – what do you think you can blog about nonstop for a long time?  I actually have a food blog in addition to The Stuff of Success.   This food blog is focused on comfort food designed to make a wide variety of people happy.  That blog exemplifies our life – we are a multigenerational household (4 generations) and that is alot of people to feed and please all the time – hence Many Cooks In The Kitchen.   In addition to The Stuff of Success and Many Cooks In The Kitchen I also have another lifestyle blog – Ray Of Moonlight.  Diversification at its best.

The first thing I need to stress is – don’t wait to start a blog.  Just START and now.  Don’t overthink anything except your niche.  Pretty much anything else can be changed as often as you want along the way.  Don’t get hung up on a theme – just start building something and hire someone like MK Blog Directory to help build your web directory.

Once you plan on a niche – register and domain name and get hosting.  There are so many places to get hosting and I have been with several of them over the 8 years I have been blogging.  Right now and for the last three years I have been with Twenty70 Hosting and have been very happy with the personalized support and their proactive assistance.  If they see me nearing any limit – they just boost it up, email me and tell me they have done it and what the small increase in cost is.  That way I have no down time.  If I decide not to boost my limits then of course I can tell them no but my site will be down and no one wants that.  Keep in mind I have many blogs.  I am always bumping up against some sort of upper limit.

Next you need to install WORDPRESS.  I can officially say I have no idea how to do that but you can easily find someone on FIVERR to do it for you or you can google how to do it yourself.

Choose a theme – this one will drive you crazy but don’t let it.  Choose one, live with it for a few weeks.  If you don’t like it – change it.  A great place to choose a theme is  Yes, easy as that – change it.  I change mine every couple years.  But when I first set my sites up I change them alot until I finally settle on something I like.  Don’t get too hung up on a theme.   It is important to note that there are many (so many) WordPress themes that are free.  But if for some reason you are not liking anything you see that is free – have no fear there is a world of theme options for a fee.

Looking for some inspiration?  Check out Bill Bronchick and see all that he has to offer.

Lastly, have fun!  If you aren’t having fun – your blog won’t last.  The most successful bloggers are those who roll with the changes through the good times and the tough times.


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