Baby Beluga – Cooperative Games Fun! #Giveaway

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10 Responses

  1. Jeffrey says:

    I would like to win this prize for my sister so that she could play this game with her children.

  2. Darlene Owen says:

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter she loves that song Baby Beluga

  3. This sounds like a fun game for sure. I bet my kids would really enjoy this game during our family game night!!

  4. Kristy Bullard says:

    My kids love to play board games. I’ll have to get this one for them!

  5. Sunnymay says:

    My 6 year old grandson would love board games and he would love teaching his newborn brother how to play games and then beat him. I remember singing the Baby Beluga in the Deep Blue Sea by Raffi to my 5 kids when they were young. It was a classic and calmer downer back then.

  6. This looks like such a fun board game for children to play! I know my kids would enjoy playing with it – learning whilst having fun too!

  7. Danielle says:

    This game sounds so perfect for a family game night!

  8. Garf says:

    This is a cute giveaway. I would love to win this for my 3-year-old niece.

  9. Becca Wilson says:

    This game looks like it would be such a great time. We love to have family game night!

  10. Anne Perry says:

    I would like to win this game for my son. His birthday is coming up.

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